Welltec -. fishing of wires and cables
Welltec -. fishing of wires and cables

Novel fishing services

Combining our unique portfolio of tools and two decades of intervention success

Fishing services – innovative robotic technology

  • Applications
    Recover lost tools and BHA’s, retrieve dropped items, remove stuck plugs, cut pipe or release lower completions, recover sources from LWD
Replacing heavy, conventional fishing methods with light but robust, precision robotic fishing tools. By engineering controllable and intelligent BHAs suited to a variety of different types of fish that could be lost or stuck in a well.

Novel fishing services

Fishing operations require a thought process that acknowledges each run dictates what the subsequent run requires, where the unexpected may happen with a high number of possible scenarios.

Such operations require real-time diagnosis and flexibility and by using an intelligent electronic fishing platform it is possible to tractor, cut, mill, rotate, clean, latch and stroke, or any combination thereof to reach and recover or remove a fish.

This mitigates the need to have multiple service companies on location as contingency, no matter which direction the fishing operation takes.

Types of fish that Welltec can retrieve: 
• Wire or cable
• Toolstrings
• BHA’s
• Lock mandrels
• Retrievable bridge plugs
• Permanent bridge plugs
• Unknown obstructions.

Case highlight

In subsea wells with Horizontal XmasTrees (HXT), two crown plugs are installed with tight spacing as the primary and secondary barriers...

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Collaboration with Wellgrab

Welltec® is pleased to announce a new and exclusive collaboration with Wellgrab, to provide wireline conveyed, advanced downhole fishing solutions.

Wellgrab technology centers around a fully surface-controllable, downhole electric release fishing tool, designed to simplify and optimize fishing operations whilst fully exploiting the unique 100,000 lbs pulling capability of Welltec’s surface controlled Well Stroker® services.

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Strong, precise, reliable

Fast answers provided by our e-line fishing services team ensures the most efficient method for clearing your wellbore and restoring your asset’s production. The ability to perform heavy duty interventions with an unrivalled level of control and accuracy without constraints – words not normally associated with braided line or coil tubing deployed fishing operations.

Rule of thumb calculations are typically used for estimating the “applied” jarring impact forces downhole, but does not give a true reflection of the actual forces being applied with peak jarring impact delivered over a very short time span with low force.

This demonstrates why peak impacts higher than the yield (or even tensile) strength of a target do not in-turn break or free the fish. The Well Stroker® is at the core of Welltec’s E-line fishing solutions and can apply up to 100,000 lbs of finely controlled bi-directional direct true axial force.

The built-in Surface-Read-Out (SRO) features allow for adjustable fine-tuned surface-controlled force and precision positioning during fishing operations and removes the error band inherent with calculations for stretch factors of wire or coiled tubing.

Deploy, latch, recover

Welltec’s portfolio of intervention tools are designed to work in any deviation and trajectories. With the increase of extended reach and unconventional wells around the world, traditional fishing methods with slickline and braided line may no longer be enough to retrieve a fish downhole.

In these challenging trajectories, coil tubing was often seen as the answer but also faces challenges in terms of limited available over pull on depth and the resultant impact forces that can be generated due to the associated drag factors across the length of the coil.

Anchoring the Well Stroker® to the tubing on depth, mitigates the surface requirement of large pulls and associated heavy rig ups. Direct axial force mitigates the risks of premature shock shearing of fishing BHA shear pins that are sometimes seen with impact jarring. All the applied force travels down the toolstring and through to the fish, reaches the stuck point, exactly where it needs to be applied and is an accurate measurable true force on depth. It does not dissipate, nor is it absorbed on a soft target and can be maintained on a moving target.

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