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CCS - Carbon Capture and Storage

Creating advanced CO2 storage systems

Geologic sequestration and storage of CO2

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    Improved well integrity
    Zonal isolation and control
Welltec participates in a wide range of projects around the world, delivering advanced well completion solutions designed to operate under challenging subsurface conditions, and ensure long-term well integrity.

In Denmark, we are a central partner to the ambitious Greensand CCS Project led by INEOS Energy and Wintershall Dea.

Innovative CCS well technology

Through continual development of our completions portfolio, we are expanding on knowledge from high CO2 EOR projects and high temperature geothermal applications to create advanced systems that meet the increasing global demand for Carbon Capture Storage (CCS).  

Welltec is taking an active role in meeting with CCS operators globally, bringing vast experience of well construction and maintenance to industry advisory boards, government strategies and D&E funding programs.

Lia Khasanova, Commercial Director, New Energy & Climate Technology, ADIPEC 2023

Securing well integrity

Through the application of our well completion technology we are enabling long-term storage solutions, securing well integrity and preventing the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Integration of CO2 resistant Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®) technology secures the well against annulus CO2 leakage and risk of contamination of ground water.

Welltec packers are tested in compliance with ISO 14310 V0: the highest level of gas-tight testing criteria. Isolation is ensured by expanding the packers between the base pipe and the casing or the borehole via the controlled application of pressure. The versatile WAB solution conforms to the exact wellbore geometry to provide life-of-well isolation, integrating seamlessly with additional elements of the CCS system.

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Providing long-term well solutions

The Welltec product portfolio has a high degree of CO2 resistance to prevent corrosion issues, and our D&E teams are working to develop an even broader range of products specifically for CCS applications.

When combining WAB technology with a Welltec Flow Valve (WFV™), the solutions provide the option to distribute the CO2 injection between more reservoir units and control potential back production for use in power-to-X solutions. 

Reduce risk and uncertainties

The operational phase for CO2 storage is expected to span up to 50 years, and within this period there is a requirement for monitoring the system to verify long-term well integrity and storage performance.


When engaging with operators we apply the Welltec risk-based approach to well completion design, minimizing risk and uncertainties.

We help select the optimum solution under the given reservoir conditions and with our technology seek to simplify the well design, reduce the construction cost and time, and increase the level of access for interventions.    

Integration of WAB technology with control line feed through facilitates monitoring of wells equipped with fiberoptics and sensors.

Project Greensand

Project Greensand is an ambitious and innovative initiative to develop new ways to capture and store CO2. Welltec® has a long history of engineering and delivering solutions that target complex challenges in the energy sector and now looks to help address and meet the 70 percent reduction of CO2 targets by 2030, as set by Danish government.

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