Welltec® is the world leader in safe, cost effective conveyance solutions on e-line and coiled tubing


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All oil and gas operators are concerned with three objectives that each affect their profitability: optimizing production, maximizing recovery and minimizing cost.

Part of the plan

To keep wells producing optimally, interventions must be part of the plan. The cost of interventions goes up significantly when the wells are high-angle, extended reach or the environment is remote or hostile.

Subsea wells are also challenging to access and rarely intervened, resulting in poor recoveries, compared to conventional land or platform wells. Operators are looking for intervention methods in these well types that are safer, more effective and that reduce costs over the traditional rig-based operations.

Light intervention

Since the introduction of tractor technologies by Welltec® 25 years ago, interventions in challenging well environments have moved from “heavy” pipe conveyed operations to “light” electric wireline methods. The Well Tractor® provides the intervention platform from which to accomplish these growing number of services that are necessary to keep a well’s production optimized.

It overcomes the challenges of working in highly deviated and horizontal wellbores; quickly conveying the required tools and equipment into the deepest parts of the well. Welltec is the world leader in safe, cost effective conveyance solutions on e-line and coiled tubing in all types of well environments including open hole, high temperature and pressure, subsea and in the extended reach and unconventional wells.   

Case highlight

An operator required production logging data from a well with a long lateral of more than 16,000 ft (TD 20,161 ft). Because of the length of the lateral and the forces...

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Reduced risks

The development of cost-effective and value comes with the added bonus of reduced operational hazards and risks. Operations require fewer people and a lower number of lifts. In some cases, the need for explosives can even be eliminated. On locations with limited space, such as small offshore platforms, between deck work, and light intervention vessels, Welltec’s short and 

lightweight conveyance solutions offer improved logistics and reduced safety risks. The rapid uptake by the industry of this conveyance method clearly demonstrates operators’ recognition of the benefits that come from using Welltec’s conveyance solutions.

Case highlight

Based on previous operations, a North Sea operator anticipated scale build-up on a producing, horizontal, offshore well and planned to run a Multi-Fingered Caliper (MFC) to confirm...

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