Well Intervention Welltec  P&A -
Well Intervention Welltec  P&A -

Plug and abandonment

Safer, faster, leaner

Plug and abandonment

  • Applications
    Setting/removing plugs, pipe punching and cutting
Plug and abandonment (P&A) of wells has been necessary for nearly as long as they have been used to extract oil and gas.

Deployment options

A recent wave of P&A operations in mature offshore fields has drawn much attention from across the industry, presenting many challenges to regulatory authorities and operators alike with regards to due diligence and associated costs. In this context, safer, faster, leaner and more efficient methods of leaving a well are of great importance to Welltec.

Welltec provides well access, surface controlled, high precision interventions both in the preparation phase of well abandonment, and in the subsequent part of pulling hardware and establishing new and permanent barriers during the P&A process. 

More controlled P&A

Based on rigless e-line conveyance Welltec offers milling solutions for access to lower parts of the well, cutting pipe, establishing controlled flow path between tubing and casing, injecting fluids, setting permanent plugs and barriers – all in an efficient, controlled and documented operational sequence. 

Benefits include:

  • E-line based pipe cutting in all sizes
  • Establishing flow paths up to 25 mm in diameter
  • Setting permanent plugs
  • All tools combinable
  • Safe, fast intervention
  • Considerable well preparation before rig arrives

Case highlight

An operator attempted to set a bridge plug below the Polished Bore Receptacle (PBR) during abandonment operations on a water injector to isolate the reservoir...

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