Welltec DHA Shifter (4)
Welltec DHA Shifter (4)

Advanced Well Architecture (AWA)

Enhancing wellbore integrity for intelligent well deployment

AWA - open hole intelligent completion solution

  • Applications
    Controlled reservoir isolation / access for deployment of intelligent well completions;
    ESP producers; depleted reservoir / losses; deep water
The AWA system provides zonal isolation and zonal control – the basis for an open hole intelligent completion solution. This new completion concept drastically reduces risk and variability in operations by delivering flexibility to the number of zones, thus absorbing reservoir uncertainties, and optimizing well construction via standardized structural design.

Zonal isolation and control

AWA is comprised of our industry proven Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB)® for zonal isolation and Welltec Flow Valve (WFV™) with Dual Position (DP) for inflow control. Ran in combination across an open hole reservoir section, this system facilitates full bore, cementless, zonal isolation and control.

The addition of Welltec's Downhole Actuator (DHA) onto the upper Intelligent Completion (IC) extended inner string engages with and mechanically shifts open the WFV-DP just prior to landing off the upper completion, providing flow access to the previously isolated zones. Welltec AWA enables safe deployment of intelligent completions in wells with losses.


Inflow from the reservoir via the WFV DP can then be controlled by hydraulically actuated interval control valves (ICV) incorporated within the upper completion. During any potential workover, the DHA will re-engage and shift multiple WFVs to a closed position. This in turn isolates the reservoir to the wellbore to enable re-completion and safe retrieval/replacement of inner completion without formation damage (no lost-circulation material pumping, etc).

1036X518 Advanced Well Architecture 2019

Case highlight

In the latter part of 2019, three successful deployments of Welltec’s Advanced Well Architecture (AWA) system, part of the Open Hole Intelligent Completion...

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Welltec® Annular Barrier

  • Rugged, all welded, metallic construction
  • Optional isolation of expansion port
  • Expansion assurance in multi-WAB® applications
  • High expansion capability
  • Constant, high pressure ∆p over full expansion range
  • No premature expansion
  • NACE compliant
  • Control line feedthrough optional – to communicate with hydraulically activated devices
  • Rotatable during deployment enabling liner to TD in challenging environments
  • Deployable through milled window for sidetrack & multi laterals
  • Slim OD allows for high rate circulation during deployment
  • Rapid set nature of WAB reduces time to 1st production
  • Full bore – as per casing / tubing

WFV™ DP (Welltec® Flow Valve with Dual Position)

  • Flow areas: up to 110% of casing bore x-sectional area
  • ON - OFF slot design
  • Low profile with minimum impact on ECD
  • Full bore design to minimize delta P loss
  • Coatings to minimize scale deposition
  • Enables rotation during completion
  • Robust seal design for manipulation under delta P
  • High burst collapse and torque capability
  • All variants can be combined with sand screens
  • Full bore ID maximizes DHA inner string production ID
  • No limitation on the quantity of WFVs
  • Materials to match completion and environment
  • Enabler for cementless completions in combination with the WAB
  • WFV CDP can also be used within AWA system
  • Simple, reliable manipulation via DHA

Welltec® DHA (Downhole Actuator)

  • Debris tolerant design
  • Bi-directional
  • Application load flexibility
  • Emergency release
  • Full bore ID
  • Robust life of well design
  • Multiple WFV open/close capability
  • No reduction in production ID

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