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Moving forward with energy

A leading specialist partner to the energy industry

Our story

Our story begins in 1987, when soon-to-be founder of Welltec, Jørgen Hallundbæk, had an idea: the first of many.
As the basis of his thesis for The Technical University of Denmark, Jørgen invented the Well Tractor®.

The innovative and visionary thinking that defined the Well Tractor would become the building blocks for the formation of Welltec in 1994. 

With a concern for the environment as a guiding principle for every invention, Welltec proudly delivers the most efficient hi-tech solutions to the energy industry.

The ability to think differently and find new ways of doing, runs deep throughout the company.  From one man’s vision, we are today a multinational organization with a workforce of over 850 employees, dedicated to providing expert partnership.  

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Who we are

Our purpose: to provide innovative energy technology for future generations.

Our mission: the application of engineering and technology to provide safe, effective and quantifiable energy solutions.

Our values: visionary, dedicated, pioneering, agile.

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Corporate governance and policies

It is our strongly held belief that we share a responsibility reaching beyond the concerns of our immediate business, and that we have an impact on the interests of all our stakeholders. Our stakeholders – to whom we have this extended duty and responsibility - encompass our customers, employees, suppliers, the local communities in which we operate, the environment and our shareholders.

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Commited to sustainability

Sustainable practice is implemented at all levels of the company. Whether related to the environment, health and safety of our employees and partners, or ethical standards in general, sustainability remains an essential part of our business, culture, and growth strategy.

From the factory floor to the seabed, we’re developing next-generation solutions and practices to minimize our footprint and ensure longevity. 

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Every member of our corporate executive management team has extensive experience from different types of industry, ensuring a strong governance of our growing company.

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On September 30, 2021, we announced the completion of our USD 325 million aggregate, 8.25% Senior Secured Note offering (‘The Notes’) due in 2026. The 144A/RegS offering drew significant demand from institutional investors in both Europe and the US.

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Development & Engineering

D&E is divided into several sub functions of pure engineering and design. This includes the disciplines of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic engineering, as well as software and manufacturing specialization for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) where we have automation engineers and technicians. 

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Careers - join the innovators

Working for us means living by the creed that ‘anything is possible’. Ours is an innovative, entrepreneurial mind set and it’s one that’s incorporated throughout the company. Now an established, growing influence across all the world’s major oil-producing areas, we are continually opening new offices around the globe. Our workforce is therefore truly international and as a result of our ongoing success, we’re always looking for the right new talent to join our team.