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Completion challenges

Reducing cost and maintaining production, we’ve developed a diverse range of CAPEX effective enabling products to provide innovative solutions to the many challenges encountered within the Well Completion and Well Construction & Integrity market segments.

Our product range

Well construction & integrity: CAPEX effective, life of well integrity.
Well completions: extended reservoir contact, increased recovery.
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960 X 1080 Half Hero Hi temp renewable

Geothermal applications

Medium and high temperature geothermal energy harnesses extremely hot water and steam from beneath the ground to generate electricity in dedicated power plants.

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960X1080 Reservoir Optimization Half Size 150 Px Min

Reservoir optimization

Oil and gas reservoirs with a high degree of rock heterogeneity created through complex depositional environments, diagenetic or structural overprint demand specific well completion solutions. These solutions must enable response to changing reservoir conditions over the life of well to maintain maximum well delivery. 

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