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Our story

A vision made real

A vision made real

Back in 1987 our future founder had an idea, the first of many. As part of his thesis for the Technical University of Denmark, Jørgen Hallundbæk, invented the Well Tractor®. An innovation that transformed the industry and led to Jørgen establishing Welltec® in 1994.

This commitment to thinking AND doing different, still runs deep throughout the company today as does our ongoing aim to continually improve upon existing practices.

From one man’s vision, we are today a multinational organisation with a workforce of over 850 employees.

The original Well Tractor

The original Well Tractor changed the entire game. When it was first introduced to the market, it enabled interventions that had never been possible before. The Well Tractor was unique because it facilitated the deployment of other tools into horizontal and highly deviated wells, without involving heavy or large amounts of equipment.

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Substantial cost savings

Instead, the Well Tractor is run on electric line that can be as short as 10 ft. Which means it can be transported by helicopter for extremely fast mobilization, significantly reducing the personnel and equipment footprint that is often required by heavier intervention means.

The result?

Oil companies have changed their strategy based on the new possibilities that the Well Tractor brings to the industry. Their reward? Substantial cost savings plus increased recovery from their wells.

Developing new solutions to specific challenges has since become our hallmark, our signature, one that we are committed to continuing.

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Industry awards

Since 1996, we have received a number of industry awards for innovative thinking and for pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved technically.


As a company we have also been honored with prizes that recognize our contribution to excellence in export.

Year Award
1998 We win Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Innovation Award for the Well Tractor®
1999 We receive Gazelle of the year
2003 We are awarded Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Innovation Award for the Well Stroker®
2006 We win Entrepreneur of the Year
2008 We were awarded the ONS Innovation Award and OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award for the Well Cleaner® RCB
2011 We win the entrepreneurial prize “Owner-Leader of the Year”
2013 For the third time we win the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award, this year for the Well Cutter®
2013 The Well Cutter also wins the ICoTA Intervention Technology Award
2015 The Welltec® Annular Barrier wins the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award
2022 Our Completion team has received the Brazilian regulator, ANP's technology innovation award for our WAB and WFV
Year Award
1996 We are awarded Petroleum Technology Transfer Council Award
1999 We win Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation
2002 We proudly receive King Frederik 9th Award for Excellence in Export
2005 We receive World Petroleum Council Meritorious Award for Technical Excellence
2007 We win Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Innovation Award for the Well Miller®
2009 We achieve the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award for the Well Cleaner® PST
2012 The Well Cutter wins Mediehuset Ingeniørens Global Award. Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) we win Best Stand >50m2
2014 The Welltec® Lateral Intervention Tool (WellLIT) wins the ICoTA Intervention Technology Award. Welltec wins Best Custom Build of the APPEA 2014 exhibition
2020 We receive award for Most Innovative Technology Solutions Europe 2020
2023 Welltec® Puncher 218 has won Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEAs)