Welltec  - downhole - access
Welltec  - downhole - access

Restoration of downhole access

Efficient and economic remediation of well restrictions and obstructions

Downhole access

  • Applications
    Establish circulation, equalize pressure
    Screen cleaning, restriction removal
    Scale, debris and hydrate removal
    Valve & plug milling
Well restrictions and obstructions play a major role in the diminished performance of producing wells. These flow barriers interfere with the ability to properly identify and remediate other possible sources of production declines.

Wide variety of challenges

Welltec’s array of milling, clean-out, and mechanical services are engineered to address a wide variety of Downhole access challenges. For increased efficiency, often two or more services can be combined in a single run. Furthermore, when combined with the Well Tractor®, these services can be deployed in high-angle and horizontal wells.

Our modular milling tools have proven to be robust and highly effective in removing restrictions and obstructions with robotic precision. Whether you are experiencing scale, collapsed pipe, a faulty valve, or a pre-set frac plug, our milling services are up to the challenge.

Downhole safety valves

Repairing a Downhole Safety Valve (DHSV) reinstates well integrity and allows a well to be put back on production. Repairing Tubing Retrievable Subsurface Safety Valves (TRSSSV) saves having to perform a lock out operation and from having to install a Wireline Retrievable Subsurface Safety Valve (WRSSSV) which will restrict production.

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Clean-Out tools

Our modular clean-out tools have proven to be beneficial in maintaining and restoring production across diverse environments.

To keep production optimized, periodic interventions with our clean-out solutions can remove the unwanted by-products associated with oil and gas production including sand, scale, mud, etc.

Case highlight

Welltec performed a clean-out operation using the Well Cleaner® Power Suction Tool (PST) in a one-barrier well in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea...

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Mechanical solutions

Our modular mechanical solutions effectively address downhole access challenges.

The Well Stroker® can apply up to 100,000 lb of axial force in either direction to pull a crown plug or push an obstruction below the production zone.

The Welltec® Puncher can quickly drill multiple uniformly-sized holes through tubulars to establish circulation or equalize pressure. 

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