Well Intervention Welltec  hardware
Well Intervention Welltec  hardware

Downhole hardware

Installation, manipulation, and remediation of downhole hardware

Downhole hardware

  • Applications
    Hardware installation and manipulation, gas lift valve change-out, SSSV cleaning and lock opening
The ability to install, manipulate, and remediate downhole hardware is a critical component of maximizing production over the life of a well. However, the cost and operational challenges associated with these intervention activities can be prohibitive.

Cost effective, minimally intrusive alternative

Welltec’s array of efficient and economic wireline-deployed hardware solutions provide operators with a cost effective, minimally intrusive alternative to addressing hardware challenges.

Wide variety of challenges

Welltec’s array of mechanical, cleanout, and milling services are engineered to address a wide variety of hardware challenges.

For increased efficiency, two or more services can often be combined in a single run.

When combined with the Well Tractor®, these services can be deployed in high-angle and horizontal wells.

Mechanical solutions

At the core of our mechanical solutions is the Well Stroker® that can apply up to 100,000 lb of axial force in either direction.

The Well Stroker can be fitted with a wide range of shifting tools, including the Well Key®, to handle any mechanical shifting operation.

Modified versions of the Well Key can also be used to manipulate shift to release packers or lock open a SSSV.

The Welltec® Setting Tool offers a non-ballistic alternative to setting plugs and packers. The Welltec® Dual KOT can also be used in combination with the Well Stroker for gas lift valve retrieval and replacement in a single run in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

Lastly, the Well Cutter®’s ability to deliver a precise, non-ballistic, beveled cut in tension or compression makes it the ideal choice for cut to release packers or tubing cuts.

Our modular milling tools have proven to be robust and highly effective in milling malfunctioning or obsolete hardware with robotic precision. Whether you require a fixed diameter mill bit or the Well Miller® with expandable bit, our milling services are up to the challenge.

Case highlight: Milling

An operator was having problems with a wireline retrievable safety valve assembly impeding production in a vertical, cased hole oil well...

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Clean-out tools

Our modular clean-out tools have proven to be beneficial in cleaning and restoring functionality to SSSVs and other well hardware.

The Well Cleaner® Power Suction Tool efficiently removes sand and other particulate debris, whereas the Well Cleaner Wishbone Honer effectively polishes equipment that requires a smooth surface to function properly. 

Case highlight: Clean-out

On a platform routine integrity testing of Subsurface Safety Valves (SSSV’s) indicated that one specific valve was faulty...

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