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Water shut-off

The best way to tackle unwanted water production is to shut it off downhole

Water shut-off

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    Downhole water shut-off, setting straddle packers, shifting sliding sleeve doors, shifting flow control devices
On a global level, operators produce approximately three times as much water as they do hydrocarbons from their wells, i.e. for every 100 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day in 2018, a further 300 million barrels of water was produced.

Unwanted produced water

There is a cost associated with handling this much water. It either needs to be disposed of by re-injecting it into the reservoir or a separate disposal well.

Some water production is inevitable but the best way to tackle unwanted water production is to shut it off downhole.

Welltec solution benefits

Welltec® has performed many rigless downhole water shut-off operations with the use of Well Tractor® technology.

In combination with Well Stroker® and Well Key® tools, many successful water shut offs have been achieved. Benefits include:   

  • Downhole water shut-off
  • Straddle packers set on electric line hydraulic stroking tools
  • Sliding sleeve doors and flow control devices shifting with Well Stroker and Well Key
  • Rig-less intervention
  • Small footprint on offshore platforms

Case highlight

Welltec’s downhole mechanical services enable enhanced production from mature fields to prolong the life of wells and increase productivity...

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