Well Intervention Welltec -(5)
Well Intervention Welltec -(5)

Hostile environment

High temperature – high pressure – corrosive compounds

Hostile environment

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    High temperature
    High pressure
    Corrosive compounds
As oil & gas exploration and development continues to move to ever more challenging environments, the need to eventually intervene in these hostile areas also continues to grow.

Pushing the boundaries

To help our clients facilitate and navigate these challenges, we are always working to push the boundaries of our products and services in terms of design and specification to provide the broadest of operating ranges.

Electro-hydraulic robotic tools that perform well interventions on electric line have come of age over the past 10 years and can now be used to accomplish tasks previously done with the use of jointed pipe and/or coiled tubing conveyance system. 

Examples of such tasks are downhole milling, shifting of stimulation sleeves, etc. As the demand increases to use this type of powered devices in a more hostile well environment, service companies have developed technologies to expand their operating range.

Horizontal sour wells

Robotic technology solutions have been used in Kazakhstan's horizontal sour wells to:

  • Close stimulation sleeves when required for reservoir fluid management
  • Convey perforation guns
  • Convey production logging tools
  • Mill frac balls and ball seats 

SPE 177388: Hostile environment electric line well interventions optimize operations in Kazakhstan.

This paper will present four case histories of the robotic technology application in the Karachaganak field. It will discuss the advantages of the technologies, the challenges and the future improvement required to further optimize the field operations.

Find full paper on onepetro.com

E-line tractor conveyance in high temperature wells

Texas and Louisiana are not typically thought of as extreme environments, but the Haynesville and the Eagle Ford do have some hot and deep areas that are being developed. High temperature environments require specialized, robust intervention tools designed to withstand longer periods of extreme heat.

The industry’s definition for ‘high temperature’ ranges from 300°F to 400°F. Working in this environment requires careful preparation, as well as proven, reliable service providers and equipment. Established electric line tractor-based technologies running on AC power, as well as DC equipment have proven their application in these harsh and unforgiving environments. They offer additional benefits like reduced personnel and less heavy lifting, making these technologies inherently safer.

SPE-168243 Electric Line Tractor-Based Conveyance in High Temperature Wells.

This paper will share the learnings from a number of local operations in which this electric line technology has been deployed, including advances with DC electronics and some examples of AC electronics cases ranging from conveyance of logging tools to plug and perforating for fracture stimulations.

Find the full paper at onepetro.org

High latitude environment

High latitude environments are unforgiving places to operate in. Temperatures often drop below -20°C and can reach as low as -50°C...

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