Well Intervention Welltec - (3)
Well Intervention Welltec - (3)

Unconventional wells

Unique challenges for operators

Unconventional wells

  • Applications
    Extended reach wells
    Plug-and-perf operations
    Mechanical pipe cutting
Unconventional wells have unique challenges for operators. In the high activity shale plays of North America and in many new markets, like Argentina, production typically has steep declines (80% in 2 years) and the ultimate recovery is quite poor (<10%). This means >90% of the hydrocarbons remain in the reservoir.

Well Cutter - improved production

There are few options to improve production and recovery in unconventional wells. To improve production and achieve slower decline, operators are drilling longer horizontal laterals, far beyond where coiled tubing can reach. This means tractor technology is the best solution for access to the toe of the well. 

To improve recovery, refracturing in existing wells, between the previously fractured zones, is one method showing success. To accomplish this, several operators have found Welltec® to be the preferred supplier of pipe cutting services which enables a liner to be set only in the horizontal section and cutting and removing the pipe near the 'heel' of the well. 

Case highlight

In order to save time on a 26 stage ‘plug & perf’ fracing operation, an operator called on Welltec®’s e-line tractor-based conveyance solution...

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Overcoming unconventional challenges

  • Minimize damage to external tubulars during pipe cutting
  • Eliminate a redress run to create a bevel on the cut pipe
  • Mechanical cutters are more controlled and safer than explosive or chemical cutters
  • Increase operating efficiency in extended reach wells
  • Reduce e-line risk during plug-and-perf operations with reliable tractor performance.

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