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Well Construction & Integrity

Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP), also referred to as Sustained Annular Pressure (SAP) or Annulus Pressure Buildup (APB), affects >30% wells globally and is present within multiple annuli. Since 2009, well integrity has cost operators over USD 75 billion and this has provided the impetus for the industry to focus on and rework, international standards on well integrity management.
    Gas tight barrier for SCP/SAP prevention

We’re eliminating sustained casing pressure – today

Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) is excessive casing pressure in wells that persistently rebuilds after bleed-down. It is defined as a pressure in any well annulus that is measurable at the wellhead and rebuilds when bled down, not caused solely by temperature fluctuations or imposed by the operator.  SCP is caused by gas migration from a high-pressured subsurface formation through the leaking cement sheath in one of the well’s casing annuli.

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WAB range for cased hole SCP barrier

At Welltec®, we design and test our WAB® (Welltec® Annular Barrier) range in accordance to IS0 14310, the industry standard which defines packer design validation grades. 

Our V0* WAB range for cased hole SCP barrier has been tested to IS01410 V0*, the highest validation level within this industry standard, and provides, a verifiable, life of well barrier against SCP (Sustained Casing Pressure).

The steel packer expandable sleeve is expanded between the casing and the parent casing by applying pressure in the casing. Primary sealing with the casing is achieved through a patented series of V0* elastomer seals, optimized along the length of the steel sleeve, backed up by a series of metal fins that provide metal to metal contact within the casing.

Our V3* WAB range for open hole isolation, has been tested to IS01410 V3*, the highest fluid validation level within this industry standard, and provides, life of well, V3* isolation assurance, standalone within the open hole section, set within cement or used in combination with 2nd stage cement systems to support HP columns of cement, to prevent SCP or production of unwanted gas or water.

* Leak rate criteria

Case Highlight

Well construction & integrity

An IOC, had an appraisal well application, in the Norwegian Barents Sea, that required a number of solutions, to allow them to construct and complete the well to their high standards.

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WAB range for open hole SCP barrier

The steel packer expandable sleeve is expanded between the casing and the borehole by applying pressure in the casing. It conforms to the actual wellbore shape. Primary sealing with the borehole is achieved through a patented series of V3 rated elastomer seals, optimized along the length of the steel sleeve, backed up by a series of metal fins that provide metal to rock contact, and high strength anchoring capability.

The WAB can be mounted and welded onto any base casing in a simple and cost-effective way. Both ends are therefore fixed and provide life of well protection to the expanded WAB sleeve.

Well assured

Backed by 25 years of innovation, Welltec’s comprehensive WAB® Solutions Portfolio of tools and services enhances well construction through its entire lifecycle—reducing CAPEX and negating SCP, and increasing NPV—all from a single provider. From early planning and construction to zonal isolation and completion, Welltec is your one-stop-shop.




  • IS0 14310 V0* cased hole SCP barrier
  • IS0 14310 V3* open hole SCP cement assurance
  • IS0 14310 V3* standalone open hole SCP isolation     
  • Platform for 2nd stage cement
  • Cross flow isolation
  • Open hole fault isolation plug
  • Casing hanger
  • Future-proof cap rock P&A
  • WAB can be incorporated within open hole, cased hole and hostile environment


  • *IS014130 leak rate criteria - V0, V3
  • Verified isolation at installation when coupled with WDMTM (Welltec® Data Monitor)
  • Rugged, all welded, metallic construction
  • High expansion capability
  • Slim RIH OD
  • Full bore - as per casing / tubing
  • Rapid, surface-controlled setting
  • Integrity protection as standard


  • Life of well isolation
  • Constant, high pressure ∆p over full expansion range
  • High rate circulation capability during deployment
  • Removes channels or leak paths at set depth
  • Rapid set WAB expedites time to next hole section
  • Sour service / NACE compliant
  • No premature expansion
  • No slumping of primary or secondary cement during curing
  • Provides confirmed foundation for placement of P&A cement plugs
  • Designed for rotation during deployment enhancing primary cementing

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