JUSET113111 High Temperature Perforating In East Texas

High temperature perforating

  • Max. temperature
    385°F @ 22,084 ft
  • Max. pressure
    13,705 psi
  • Max. depth
    22,084 ft
  • Max. deviation
    93.80 @ 16,078 ft
  • H2S
    10 PPM
  • CO2
  • Total distance tractored
    7,779 ft


An operator was preparing the toe stage of an extended lateral, cased hole, high temperature well for fracture stimulation. Due to the extended lateral length, 2” OD coil tubing would not be able to reach the toe.

This well was located in the Haynesville Shale on the border between Texas and Louisiana, an area in which the shale formation lies deep and the wells are very hot.


The toolstring was run in hole to a hold up depth of 14,766 ft (4,500m) where the 3-wheel section, 318 Well Tractor® was activated. It worked through obstructions to deliver the payload successfully, conveying the perforation gun string over 7,300 ft (2,225m) into the lateral to an ultimate depth of 22,082 ft (6,731m) MD, where the four guns were activated in sequence with no misfires.

The bottom hole temperature was recorded with a temperature strip in the Well Tractor, which showed ~385°F (~200°C).


The Well Tractor and gun string were exposed to the high temperature for 5 hours and 45 minutes and the tools handled the temperature without problems. Success builds upon success and after carrying out this job in East Texas, the operator dispatched the same unit across the border to a drilling rig in Louisiana.

There two successful perforation runs for a casing recovery operation were made, saving considerable rig time and related costs. Following that we were mobilized for conveyance of a CBL tool in the same well.

Tools applied

  • Well Tractor®

    The Well Tractor was regarded as a revolution in the industry when it was introduced in the 1990’s. It enables operators to extend the reach of traditional e-line deployment into highly deviated and horizontal wells.

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