Well Tractor® covers over 23,500 ft in single pass

Well Tractor (2)
  • Total measured depth 29,800 ft
  • Length of lateral 24,000 ft
  • Average speed: 25 fpm past 29,000 ft MD


A client in West Virginia needed to complete a second stage frac in an extreme lateral in Marcellus shale. The client was concerned about well integrity near the toe of the well. To test the casing, the client needed to convey a cast iron bridge plug to over 29,800 ft total measured depth, which included an extremely long lateral of nearly 24,000 ft.

Tubing units would have required significant cost and time commitments while also increasing HSE risks. Welltec® suggested that the Well Tractor® could complete the operation and enable the client to continue their work.


Welltec chose the 318 Well Tractor XR using four-wheel sections of the tractor to optimize pulling force. The tractor and personnel were mobilized to the well site.

In total, only two runs were required for the Well Tractor to convey the plug to the toe. During one of these runs, the Well Tractor conveyed the tool string across a lateral of 23,596 ft in a single pass. The tractor averaged 35 fpm, and was still attaining speeds of 25 fpm past 29,000 ft MD.

Upon completion of the operation, the second stage was successfully completed.


From rig up to rig down, Welltec completed the two runs in only 26 hours, saving the client notably in both time and cost when compared to alternative options.

The wireline solution proved to be both reliable and efficient, proving the Well Tractor’s long established track record of carrying out operations throughout wells regardless of deviation and extension.