812WABs stop losses and set records in Middle East

Zonal isolation
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  • Well type: Oil producer
  • Max. Dev: 90˚
  • Max. Pressure: 1500 psi (103 bar)
  • Number of WABs installed in one run - 7


A client in the Middle East was facing a significant challenge with an extended reach well experiencing total losses at 22784 ft (6945 m), leading to significant disruption to operations. Additionally, the well had high dogleg severity (DLS) of 7.56˚/100ft and, as of 14800 ft (4511 m) MD, no slack off weight, making the issues even more challenging to manage.

The traditional method of curing wells requires multiple runs and significant investments of both time and money. The client knew the Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®) to be a dependable packer in open hole environments that provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution than traditional methods. The client contacted Welltec for a WAB solution to achieve several goals in the project, including eliminating the total loss, maintaining a full bore 7” inner diameter, the ability to rotate and circulate the liner to TD, and annulus clean-up prior to surface-controlled valve manipulation and WAB expansion.


During the operation, seven 812WABs were run in hole to TD, lost slack off weight, and began rotation all the way to 22784 ft. Upon setting up for expansion, the WABs expanded at 5000 psi. The pressure was held to confirm and had full return at 4000 psi.

Welltec needed only a couple of days and one run to install seven WABs at 22786 ft and complete the operation, saving the client time and money compared with traditional methods.


Welltec set two new records with this job. The team set a record for the highest DLS with 7.56 degree/100 ft and installed the most WABs in one run since the first trial test in 2015.

The client was very satisfied as the losses were stopped. The implementation of the WAB solution is now helping the client work better by improving the reliability of their well curing operations, faster by reducing the time required to cure wells, and smarter by freeing up resources to invest in other important areas and drive further innovation and progress.

Zonal isolation
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