WAB for Well Completion (Welltec Annular Barrier)
WAB for Well Completion (Welltec Annular Barrier)

WAB® for Zonal Isolation

Extended reach, cementless lower completions via rotatable, metal expandable packers


To increase net present value of their assets, extended reach horizontal reservoir sections are becoming critical to operators looking to increase well productivity and maximize their ROI.

Extended reach lower completion design creates significant concerns over the ability to execute a conventional cement or perforated liner well design due to the high inclination nature of the reservoir section. This is due to the required ability, across these heterogeneous formations, to isolate unwanted water or gas inflow by isolating and compartmentalizing the reservoir. To achieve this it is critical to design the well with reliable isolation between lower completion and open hole without the need for cement.

WAB 360 00000

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A client desired zonal isolation within a horizontal well with an open-hole completion. The client chose the Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB)...

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Our ISO 14310 rated, metal expandable WAB (Welltec Annular Barrier) for open hole zonal isolation, facilitates the ability to deploy ‘cementless’ extended reach, multi zone, horizontal, lower completions.

The WAB provides the on-demand, high pressure zonal isolation across varying borehole geometries unaffected by thermal changes in the wellbore, so often a problem in conventional open hole reservoir isolation.

WAB for Well Completion (Welltec Annular Barrier) (1)


  • Zonal isolation within the reservoir
  • Zonal isolation between adjacent zones
  • Water / gas isolation
  • High pressure OH isolation for stimulation
  • Open hole, cased hole and hostile environments


  • Rugged, all welded, metallic construction
  • Rotatable during deployment
  • Full bore – as per casing / tubing
  • Burst protection option available


  • Slim OD allows for high rate circulation during deployment
  • High expansion capability
  • Constant, high pressure ∆p over full expansion range
  • Rapid set nature of WAB allows expedites time to production
  • No premature expansion
  • NACE compliant
  • Suitable for sour service


Expansion range 5.75" 10.00”
Min. running OD 5.56” 8.240”
Max. working pressure 5,000 psi 15,000 psi
Constant element ΔP across expansion range 5,000 psi >15,000 psi
Base pipe range 4-1/2” 7”
Standard element length 7.2 ft
Temperature 500°F
ISO14310 Standard Up to V0
ID Full bore (as per base pipe)