Welltec® Flow Valves - extending WI Completion design capabilities

Zonal control
WFV - Welltec Flow Valve - case story JUAE141730
  • Well type Water injector
  • Reservoir type Carbonate
  • Successfully deployed a 7,900’ horizontal Cementless liner with a TD reaching out to 18,534
  • The full bore WFV™ delivers multiple open-close And multiple position choking over well life
  • The well will be put on production & injection profile monitored prior to adjustment
  • Location Middle East


A NOC had a desire to complete a multi zone, extended reach water injector well, such that they would have infinite injection & stimulation control over the life of the well.

After extensive dialog, both the Welltec WFV DP & CDP were selected, and 30 x WFV successfully deployed within a 15 zone, 7,900’ horizontal, cementless liner with a toe depth reaching out to 18,534’ MD.

The water injector liner was configured for later life zonal acid stimulation, with zonal flow control within fifteen compartments, utilizing thirty Welltec Flow Valve (WFV). The WFV evaluated by the client as an “advanced design” valve in comparison to SSD / ball drop type valves.


For this application the liner was deployed with the WFV’s in the open position. After deployment, a Welltec Tractor® with Well Stroker® and Well Key® were run to manipulate a circulation collar at the toe of the well.

The well will be put on production and the injection profile monitored prior to performing zonal acid stimulation or flow control.


The full bore WFV delivers multiple open-close and multiple position choking over the life of well. Operated with wireline (or CT) intervention on an “as needed” basis, enables water injection management, zonal acid and re-stimulation capabilities.

Each WFV was configured with two by 4 mm holes, each WFV spaced approximately 200’ apart.

Multiple WFV provide life of well injection & stimulation flexibility.

Zonal control
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