Welltec® Flow Valves facilitate stimulation and production

Zonal control
WFV - Welltec Flow Valve - case story JC0151502
  • Well type Oil / gas producer
  • Reservoir type Sand
  • Various choke sizes provide flexibility to produce gas zone or use it to lift the oil zone
  • Collaboration between client & Welltec resulted in fit for purpose solution
  • WFV enabled exploring the oil zone without comprise of the gas zone production
  • Short term delivery 6 weeks from order to delivery
  • Location West Africa


A client in West Africa had to change their objectives once the reservoir was penetrated, as sea oil shows in addition to expected gas.

Welltec® proposed to incorporate 4 ½” Welltec Flow Valve (WFV) in order to retain maximum control of the dual zone completion. This allowed for only minor modifications to the originally planned, single zone completion.


• Four 4 ½” WFVs run as part of the lower completion into the 7” liner.
• One positioned in the oil zone and three positioned in the gas zone.
• Well was to be frac’d but the 3rd party frac sleeve failed to open.
• After assessing the risk, it was decided to frac through the WFV.
• After completion and clean-up of the oil zone, the three WFVs in the gas zone were opened in a single descent.


Incorporation of the WFVs allowed the operator to minimize the changes to the original completion and hence the well completion. The WFVs were delivered within six weeks of ordering.

Using the WFV to frac through prevented the operator from having to pull the lower completion and re-run it. The variable choke settings afforded by the WFVs in the gas zone allowed the operator to optimize production.


WFV enables choking dirty gas at a rate that would be sufficient to lift the oil from the adjacent zone.

Well schematics

1036X518 Jc0151502 Welltec