Health & safety

The health and safety of our employees, clients and everyone else who we interact and operate with is of paramount importance to us. It’s a concern that goes far beyond our legal obligations and we’ll take all reasonable measures required to protect any person involved in our operations. 

Health and safety underpins all we do. 

Even if we’re focused on future developments in technology, every one of our employees is aware that safety is an issue we take seriously in the here and now.

If any situation arises where a person – employee or not – is injured in relation to one of our activities, it is reported to senior management. Our lead person responsible for Health and Safety is a member of our senior management team, reporting directly to the CEO.

Health and Safety Policy

Any injury, or near miss incident is subsequently noted in our incident reporting system, and statistics of performance in Health and Safety are maintained and analyzed.   

Throughout the organization we operate a Safety Card Observation Program (SCOP), ensuring the implementation and improvement of safe working practice.  

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Inherently safer operations

Welltec® continuously strive to increase safety. During operations, this translates into using fewer personnel whenever possible, reducing the amount of physical lifting, and eliminating the need for explosives. At locations with limited space (small offshore platforms, between decks, and light Intervention vessels), Welltec’s e-line solutions offer improved logistics and reduced safety risks.

Hands-free lifting operations in Norway

The most effective way to eliminate risk from any task is to simply remove the task completely. 

With hands-free lifting operations, we aim to eliminate all hand, fingers and limb injuries by keeping personnel clear from any lifting operations and therefore avoiding any potential pinch-points or struck‐by and struck‐against incidents.

Remotely operating our equipment is the first line of defense for protecting hands, fingers and limbs, and minimizing personnel exposure.

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Quality control

Quality is part of our culture and deeply ingrained across all our processes. Our commitment is formalized in our ISO 9001 -2015 accreditation and maintained through a built-in system of recording and addressing non-conformities. This incorporates a continuous improvement program, promoting a constant review of all processes.

Quality Policy

We believe that commitment to excellence combined with individual responsibility and accountability gives us a solid framework of measures and systems that allows us to deliver a product and service of the highest possible quality to our stakeholders.

Through communication and dedication, education and training, we’re continually developing our organisation, giving us a platform to deliver the performance required to achieve our objectives.

Welltec® is ISO 9001 certified by DNV-GL.

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