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Safety first

Hands-free lifting operations in Norway

Protecting hands and fingers

The most effective way to eliminate risk from any task is to simply remove the task completely.  With hands-free lifting operations, we aim to eliminate all hand, fingers and limb injuries by keeping personnel clear from any lifting operations and therefore avoiding any potential pinch-points or struck‐by and struck‐against incidents. Remotely operating our equipment is the first line of defense for protecting hands, fingers and limbs, and minimizing personnel exposure.

Welltec operational base in Norway

The Welltec operational base in Norway is one of our flagship global locations and is located in Bergen at Lønningsflaten 1, Blomsterdalen.

It has been purpose built and is one of five International Maintenance Centres that allows complete rebuild of our tools and equipment beyond just routine maintenance.

All of our tools undergo full redress, maintenance and surface operations checks by our most skilled personnel at this base before mobilizing for offshore operations.
The base setup and layout have been built from the ground up to fit our specific needs and to cover all transportation and storage regulations.
With expansion and growth in mind, the base has an operational capacity to support over 400 offshore operations on a yearly.


The Welltec operational base facilities in Bergen houses a number of optimizing and efficiency lending features:

  • Overhead cranes covering the full workshop area maximizing hands-free lift activities
  • Safe and ergonomically friendly trolleys and lifting equipment for movement of tools internally in the workshop
  • Specially designed logistics bay allowing forklift movement into the main workshop area
  • Environmentally safe segregation of oil and mud
  • Specially designed washing area for tools and equipment with separator for petroleum and chemical products
  • Indoor function test and pull test capabilities
  • Recycling tanks for collection of used hydraulic oil for recovery (by external partners)
  • Operation Center with highly skilled technicians and engineers to support every operation
  • Planning and technical division, capable of a quick turn around and for engineering new solutions to suit upcoming challenges
  • Specially designed communication room for remote support of operations.

Collaboration with AKOFS

Safety is a focus in all our operations and our number one priority when working offshore.  Supporting this, Welltec Norway is actively collaborating with AKOFS Seafarer in terms of promoting work safety through hands-free lifting operations.

Our 20ft offshore container on-board the AKOFS Seafarer vessel ensures an optimized working environment for employees and an increased equipment maintenance capacity on-board the vessel for quicker turn around and an even faster response time. 

AKOFS Seafarer

The AKOFS Seafarer is classified as a Well Intervention Unit in compliance with the IMO-MODU code. The unit is designed to perform subsea well clean-up and testing and riser based interventions down to 2,500 meters by using 7 3/8” high pressure riser facilitating wireline, slickline and e-line intervention, coiled tubing intervention, pumping services, installation/retrieval of subsea systems, and ROV operations/surveys.

The AKOFS Seafarer is equipped with state of the art 450 tonnes  automated handling systems for minimizing manual handling.

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Welltec's offshore container onboard the AKOFS Seafarer

  • Optimized working environment in proximity to the AKOFS Seafarer BHA conveyor system with a 500 kg overhead-crane system able to cover the entire workshop length with the ability to extend outside the container by 1,2 m into the tool preparation area
  • Dedicated downhole equipment storage area for downhole tools in a dry and heated environment
  • Increased Welltec maintenance capacity on the vessel with the help of a custom Tractor Bench for basic tools maintenance and a permanently installed Oil Filling System.

Hands-free handling of BHA inside AKOFS conveyor: Key features

  • V-Slots for integrated adjustable tool stands
  • Overhead crane system for handling BHAs
  • Offers ability to make up and test BHA
  • Appr. 80 cm wide platform
  • Appr. 70 cm working height
  • All-around working platform
  • Able to accommodate for OFS if needed

AKOFS Seafarer BHA Handling System

1036X518 Akofs Seafarer Bha Handling System Min

Hands-free handling of BHA inside conveyor

  • Remotely and individually operated adjustable tool stands for BHA line up
  • V-Slots for remotely operated integrated tool stands
  • Remote handle to operate the adjustable tool stands

Hands-free deploying and retrieving of AKOFS BHA Conveyor

Special top connector designed and manufactured by Welltec with 50mm 360deg C-Plate slot.

This is to allow the C-Plate slot to be visible with the planned Moonpool CCTVs to help with the remote operation of the automated BHA and C-Plate guide arms.

1036X518 Handss Free Deploying And Retrieving Min

Welltec Norway, QHSE Contact

For more information about Welltec hands-free lifting operations please contact:

QHSE Coordinator

Monika Wilson


+47 94806913

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