Welltec DHA Shifter hero
Welltec DHA Shifter hero

DHA - Downhole Actuator for WFV™

Tubing conveyed, reservoir control


The Welltec DHA Downhole Actuator is a robust, Bi-directional shifter, designed to be deployed on the tailpipe of upper or intermediate completions, to facilitate the mechanical opening / closing of Welltec large bore WFV (Welltec Flow Valve).

The DHA provides controlled access to multiple zones isolated during the safe deployment of upper / intermediate completion.

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Furthermore the DHA can be incorporated within applications that require periodical work-over, such as ESP or HSP type wells, for isolation of producing zones, via manipulation of WFV, to allow for work-over in a safe and stable well-bore environment.

The Welltec DHA will engage within the mandrel of the large bore WFV, and through application of set down weight will shift the WFV to open and via overpull will shift the WFV to close.

The Welltec DHA will then pass through, giving a confirmation load signature at surface. Should any issues arise, the DHA incorporates an emergency release mechanism to ensure unimpeded passage in and out of the well bore.

Welltec DHA Shifter hori


  • Multi zone open hole completions
  • ESP Producers
  • HSP Producers


  • Debris tolerant design
  • Bi-directional
  • Emergency release
  • Full bore ID


  • Multiple open/close capability
  • Robust life of well design
  • No reduction to production ID


Rigid OD 5.79"
Key relaxed diameter, max 6.37"
Key collapsed diameter, min 5.79"
Minimum ID 3.49"
ID drift diameter 3.38"
Length 89.31”
Max. operating temperature 257°F
Tensile strength 250 klbf
Compressive strength 350 klbf
Quality grade ISO 14998:2013 Q1