Well Miller CVF® restores production in extended-reach well

Downhole hardware
HERO (1)
  • Well type Gas Producer
  • Max deviation 88˚
  • Depth 20,115 ft (6,131 m)
  • Pressure 2,799 psi (193 bar)
  • Distance tractored 10,728 ft (3270 m)


An Ivory Coast operator faced issues with a completion barrier valve that failed to open remotely. The issue had persisted for over a year, leading to significant frustration and losses in value while the well was not producing.

Standard third-party milling and coiled tubing (CT) solutions had failed to mill the valve. Welltec® offered the client a bespoke milling solution utilizing the Well Miller® CVF (Continuous Variable Force) and was awarded the operation in view of the optimization benefits of an e-line solution, including time and cost savings, as well as enhanced safety from a controlled operational environment.


The equipment was prepared and dispatched on an express service to ensure the operation could take place within a specified window. Upon arrival on site, Welltec conducted client briefings, and the tools underwent multiple function tests to mitigate any potential risk.

The Well Miller CVF was conveyed downhole via Well Tractor, covering a distance of 10,728 ft (3,270 m) to target depth, where milling commenced. The Well Miller CVF provided high levels of control, precision, and accuracy, measuring multiple parameters in real-time throughout milling, including direct measurements of weight on bit and rate of penetration. The ball valve was completely milled through and recovered to the surface in four hours.


The well was soon put back into production following the milling operation, ending the year-long problem. The Well Miller’s flawless execution led to significant value for the client when compared to potential CT operations.

By utilizing the e-line option and avoiding another workover on this well, the client saved approximately $3M USD. Left impressed, the client decided to add the Well Miller CVF to all their approved milling applications as a tested and qualified solution.

Client feedback

“That was an EXCELLENT job!” - Drilling Manager