Welltec Annular Isolation solutions reduce losses in the Middle East

Well abandonment
JQA238465 02 (002)
  • Well type Oil producer
  • Maximum deviation 89˚
  • Maximum pressure 2200 psi
  • Maximum temperature 165˚F


An operator in the Middle East historically experienced issues with swell packers failing to isolate in wells, leading to increases in water cut and watering out quickly. These issues resulted in significant economic loss on the affected wells. The operator had experienced numerous past failures with plug options.

Welltec’s annular isolation services offered the client a potential solution. Using circulation fluid dynamics modelling, Welltec® calculated various sets of sleeve lengths for each side of the fracture to determine fracture isolation for the first well. Once these calculations were determined, Welltec sent the selected Welltec Annular Isolation (WAI™) packers to the wellsite for drop-off isolation of fractures to reduce the risk of fluid bypassing element. This well contained a high number of laterals that also required abandonment during drilling.


In conjunction with the client, Welltec planned a multilateral operation on an oil producer re-entry well. The first objective was a plug and abandonment operation for an open-hole plug on a 6.125” lateral.

Welltec used the 6WAI with a swell packer as back-up. This first well was improvised by using WAI to abandon the first lateral, reducing losses instantly from 750 bph to 15 bph.

Continuing immediately after the first lateral was complete, two 6WAIs were installed to straddle a fracture in the main lateral, per the intended, original design. Setting the packer was facilitated by a disappearing plug, which was subsequently drilled out to establish communication with the formation below.


WAI solutions are set rapidly, demonstrating the effectiveness of isolating water production.

The instant loss reduction proved the efficacy of the solution and allowed the client to proceed confidently with the same operation on the next laterals. As a result of this operational success and the demonstrated results to the client, WAI is now used as the primary option for both isolation and abandonment as required.

Well abandonment
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