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Minimizing environmental impact


Through completions

Reducing environmental impact in O&G Completion

Welltec continues to develop innovative solutions and technologies that help our clients to optimize their production and reduce their environmental impact.

We cannot change chemistry. There is an inherent amount of carbon within the hydrocarbons that are produced from the Earth but reducing the industry’s carbon footprint in operations is now in focus more than ever and Welltec plays a key role in this greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction drive.

Eliminate GHG emissions resulting from SCP

Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) – or Sustained Annulus Pressure (SAP) – is a major source of GHG emissions arising from oil and gas production. SCP/SAP is estimated to affect 40-60% of oil and gas wells globally. A particular concern is methane emissions, as these have a powerful negative climate effect approximately 50-70 times that of CO2. 

It is estimated that methane is the single largest source of indirect greenhouse gas emissions from global oil and gas production. 

Sources: The IEA (methane tracker), SPE papers, Welltec track record.

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Methane emissions


Methane emissions are the second largest cause of global warming. While methane tends to receive less attention than carbon dioxide (CO2), reducing methane emissions will be critical for avoiding the worst effects of climate change.

Reducing Methane

WAB product range

The Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB) range of products provides our clients with the opportunity to not only reduce SCP/SAP, but completely eliminate it from oil and gas wells. With total elimination being the goal on almost half of all deployments, the WAB solution boasts a 90% success rate - the remaining 10% of cases still achieving lower SCP.

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Reduce GHG emissions from cementing operations

Welltec technologies can eliminate or reduce the need for cementing operations. This drives GHG emission reduction through two dimensions:   

1. Time - Operating time has been proven to be reduced by 10-15% resulting in equivalent reduction in rig-time and even higher reductions in total cost.

2. Reduced risk and externalities - Cementless completions have multiple benefits:

  • Reduced weight of supply boats burning fuel
  • Decreased risks of cement spills in open water
  • Reducing cement clean-out in rig piping systems
  • Eliminating clean-out of contaminated tanks and pits
  • Cutting the need to ship contaminated water ashore


Welltec® Annular Isolation (WAI) enables 100% cement removal and water cut isolation across a laminated reservoir, via a unique packer perforation capability.

WAB® provides a new lease of life

We deployed our WAB to help a Norwegian IOC mitigate SCP/SAP where other methods had proven to be unsuccessful. With client policy stipulating that the solution must meet IS014310 standards, the 1214WAB® was selected. Results:     

  • Successful isolation on problematic well
  • Compliance with IS014310 and NORSOK D10
  • Enhancement of primary cementing operations
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