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Manufacturing a smaller footprint 

Manufacturing a smaller footprint

Securing waste materials

At our manufacturing facilities in Allerød and Esbjerg (Denmark), we’re investing in more sustainable initiatives, with successful results. By recycling 100% of our scrap metals, machine oils, and securing other waste materials, we continue to shrink our environmental footprint.

Average annual waste sent to recycling (2020-2022):

  • 24,000 kg wood
  • 3,260 kg hazardous waste 
  • 6,400 kg compostable / for biogas    

Raw materials & metals recycling

We send 100% of leftover ferrous and non-ferrous metals from our manufacturing for recycling — these include copper wiring, print boards, cutting tools, metal cuttings, and scrap that would otherwise go into landfill. Overall, we’re reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and the burden of extracting more natural, raw materials.

  • 2023    269,458 kg
  • 2022    221,116 kg
  • 2021    212,116 kg

Oil & fluid recycling

At each manufacturing facility in Denmark, we ensure that all fluids, lubricants, oils, and cooling fluids used in manufacturing are collected, stored, and safely transported. Then it is re-refined into new oil, processed into fuel oils, or used as raw materials for the petroleum industry.

See the latest amounts of used lubricants/oil sent to recycling from the factories in Esbjerg and Alleroed, Denmark.

  • 2023    45,732 l
  • 2022    42,979 l 
  • 2021    41,726 l

Transition to sustainable energy sources at Welltec HQ

The addition of solar panels to the roof area has been equally impactful.  These solar panels generated 15% of our power consumption in 2023, contributing to a substantial reduction in our reliance on traditional energy sources.  


As a result, we've prevented the equivalent CO2 emissions, bolstering our commitment to sustainability, and minimizing our overall footprint. 

Next milestone in our journey toward sustainability

The installation of a heat pump system at Welltec headquarters in Allerød, Denmark, has drastically reduced our reliance on natural gas for heating.  


Thus, in 2023, we saw an impressive 70% drop in natural gas consumption in comparison with 2022.  This translates to a remarkable reduction in our ‘Scope 1’ CO2 emissions by 184 tons.

Driving change: our commitment to green energy

Since 2021 both HQ locations have compensated power consumption by purchasing environmentally friendly electricity, saving 1,981 tons CO2.


These initiatives support ongoing efforts at Welltec to minimize our own carbon footprint, and to fully align with our mission: the application of engineering and technology to provide safe, effective and quantifiable energy solutions.

Download our green power certificate

Evolution never ends

Our approach has always been to put our clients first. In today’s tough operating environment, our clients still expect the best, along with even greater value. Meeting these demands is an inherent part of our Development & Engineering (D&E) strategy, along with our quest to eliminate all forms of waste and non-value-adding processes through automation. It’s a mission we started over 25 years ago and it’s one we’ll continue exploring for many more.

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