Total E&P Congo Purchases Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – We are pleased to announce that our award winning Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®) has been selected by Total E & P Congo as a completion component for the upcoming wells in their deepwater, Moho Nord project.


Gbenga Onadeko
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Sufficient quantities of WAB’s were purchased to achieve multiple barriers per well during the drilling and completion of the 17 wells planned for development of the Moho Nord field. The wells will be completed in water depths of 450 to 1200 meters producing from the Albian reservoir via a tension leg platform.

“The Moho Nord project is the biggest oil project to date in the Republic of Congo. Total E & P Congo are determined to deliver this project efficiently while assuring integrity of the wells for their full life. Welltec has supported our operations in Congo for years with their technologies and methodologies for well interventions,” states Philippe Labrugère, the Project’s Drilling Manager.

“So when Welltec introduced the WAB® to us, we immediately identified the advantages it could offer to improve efficiency, assure integrity and successfully deliver such a complex project.”

The Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®) is an expandable, metal barrier which can we used for well integrity, zonal isolation or cement assurance applications. It won the OTC Spotlight on New Technology in 2015 as one of the latest, most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

In addition to being rugged, it is full bore, expands on command with surface control, can be rotated during installation in high angle wells and has high expansion and Delta P capabilities.

“This is a milestone award,” explains ‘Gbenga Onadeko, Senior Vice President, Africa.

“Our clients in the region have previously used Welltec® Completions products to address drilling and production challenges but this is our biggest single award so far. We are excited to secure this significant order on the biggest, highest profile oil project in Congo. It is an opportunity to introduce and demonstrate to Total E & P the advantages which the WAB® can provide, setting up future completions successes around the globe for their organization.”

To read more about the WAB® or Welltec’s innovative Flex-Well® completion approach, download the new 2016 completion brochure at our Completion Solutions page

The Welltec Annular Barrier Wins OTC 2015 Spotlight on New Technology Award

Our latest development, the Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®), has won the OTC Spotlight on New Technology award as one of the latest, most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future.


VP Marketing
Alex Nicodimou

“We pride ourselves on being a transformational company, one that develops technology with real, immediate impact” says CEO Jørgen Hallundbæk. “The WAB is another perfect example of our vision. Its universal application can significantly improve safety and efficiency in our industry, providing a reliable, effective annular barrier while eliminating the need and cost of cement.”

The Welltec Annular Barrier is a unique, metal expandable barrier with a large expansion ratio and high delta P capability. As a qualified, stand-alone barrier element, it precludes the need for cement in the construction phase for many applications. Its novel capabilities allow it to be expanded from surface, with no waiting times and conform to the surrounding open (or cased) hole environment.

Following on successful ISO V0 leak criteria qualifications in Denmark, the 9 5/8” V0 WAB was subsequently approved to meet a client’s Internal Barrier Policy based upon NORSOK D010 Rev 4, enabling them to apply this unique technology without the need for dispensation in the North Sea. The WAB was installed without cement to prevent surface annular pressure (SAP) buildup within the B annulus.

“Being recognized as an OTC Spotlight Technology Award winner is fantastic,” declares Paul Hazel, VP of Well Completions. “It’s the culmination of lots and lots of hard work by a great team at Welltec.”

Recently the capabilities of the WAB have accelerated rapidly, which is reflected in winning this award. The WAB now provides benefits for operators globally for safer wells with lower capex while providing higher productivity.

This is the fourth time we have won this prestigious award. Last time was in 2013 with the Well Cutter; in 2009 the Cleaner PST won whereas the Well Cleaner RCB was announced the winner in 2008. We will be awarded the trophy at a ceremony on May 4 during the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) at 1530 to 1600 hours in Room 208 on level 2 in NRG Center.

For more information about the Welltec Annular Barrier please click here:

Welltec® Annular Barrier (WAB®) Replaces Cement as a Primary Well Barrier

Welltec®, the world leader in cost effective well solutions, is pleased to announce that its Welltec® Annular Barrier has been successfully utilized to replace cement as a standalone, primary well barrier for the mitigation of surface annular pressure build-up.


Johnny Bårdsen
Sales Director, Well Completion, Scandinavia

Following on successful ISO 14310 V0 leak criteria qualifications in Denmark in November 2014, the 9 5/8” V0 WAB® was subsequently approved, deployed, successfully expanded and subsequently verified in a field which has historically been challenged by B surface annular pressure buildup.

Pressure build-up in the B annulus can potentially result in catastrophic well failures, lost production, high costs for remediation, extensive monitoring and control requirements.

“Approximately 40% of the global well stock suffers from failed barriers, cement contributing to a majority of these failures” states Paul Hazel, VP of Well Completions. “This product provides a new solution for operators to capitalize on.”

Prior to this operation, cement has been the main approved well barrier qualified to ISO/API and other industry standards for the use of mitigating annular pressure build-up.

The Welltec® Annular Barrier is a unique, metal expandable barrier with a large expansion ratio and high delta P capability. As a qualified, stand-alone barrier, it precludes the need for cement.

A brief description of the levels of ISOstandards for packers can be found at Petrowiki® – http:/

Welltec® is the pioneer and the world’s largest provider of downhole robotic solutions for deployment, milling, clean-out and mechanical solutions. And our novel, expandable metal annular barrier’s (WAB’s) capabilities have been accelerating and can now provide an alternative to cement as a primary well barrier.