Act with well integrity

Act with integrity

Welltec Annular Barrier for Completions solutions

Did you know that 40% of global wells face cementing challenges?

Poor cement quality creates unwanted fluid migration, high commercial risk and potential threat to life and assests. The industry has long suffered the cement challenge, without a reliable solution being demonstrated.

With our revolutionary Flex-Well products we provide well integrity solutions that compliment (or replace) cement as an annular well barrier, compliant to NORSOK, API and other industry standards.


Annular leak paths can result in both lost production and environmental damage, leading to downtime, higher costs and regulatory penalties.

Failing to address cementing challenges can result in SAP, cross flow, microannulus, further cement degradtion, remediation work and many additional complications.

well integrity

Facing annular pressure and reliability issues?

  • Subsurface challenges
  • Verification
  • Narrow ECD window
  • Failure of ambitious primary cement jobs
  • Squeeze jobs and sidetracks
  • Micro-annuli
  • Cement channeling
  • Poor centralization
  • Life of field reliability
  • Challenging slot recovery

Solutions to well integrity

Welltec Annular Barrier for Completions solutions

Ensure long-term well integrity

Our rugged, all metal, surface controlled expandable barrier, the WAB, provides a solution to all of the issues listed above.

The WAB (Welltec Annular Barrier) can be used to prevent annular flow between casings or between casing and open hole. Also, the Welltec Annular Barrier is applicable for cementless, standalone barriers, meeting NORSOK requirements.

The cost-efficient alternative to packers and swellables 
Advanced robotic machining enables a single piece all welded metal expansion sleeve, delivering robustness that enables full flow circulation and  liner rotation to ensure the TD target is met. The surface controlled expansion enables full seals to be achieved within in matter of minutes. These two features alone offer significant benefits when compared to conventional swell, inflatable or mechanical type open hole packers.

Integrated sensors for verification
With integrated annular pressure and temperature sensors, operator can set the WAB, expand it and verify it within hours.


  • Rapid, surface controlled, hydraulic expansion
  • Large, stable differential pressure rating
  • Low profile, small running OD
  • High expansion ratio
  • Full bore diameter throughout


Expanded into green cement it prevents the occurance of microannulus and is not weakened by thermal or expansion stresses over time.

The WAB with its metal contact to the liner and its direct high performance elastomer seal (V3 qualified for open hole applications, V0 qualified for cased hole applications) to the formation will ensure no micro annulus nor channelling at the depth of set. The high performance alloys and elastomers used and stale with time ie un affected by gas, salinity change, thermal shock, or the elastic expansion of the casing during pressure cycles.

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Well Intregity


  • No leak paths
  • Engineered cement jobs
  • Less time consumption
  • Less hardware
  • Barrier verification

Requires less planning and is easy to set 
The WAB is run as part of the casing / liner string and remain transparent to the operation (very low impact on ECD) during deployment and cementing. The surface controlled expansion requires minutes to fully expand and seal having no impact on rig time.

Meets NORSOK and ISO requirements
The WAB has achieved a high performance global track record with many IO and NOC operators providing improved well integrity and large cost savings via the avoidance of costly and mostly in effective cement repairs

A smooth process


…..We help you plan and obtain well integrity in all phases

Max deltaP


The WAB’s metal construction provides a fast, high expansion, rugged seal against the open hole or casing irrespective of the fluid in the well.

Furthermore, as shown in the chart, there is no degradation of the maximum delta P capability versus expansion diameter.


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