Milling Solutions

Milling Solutions


Remove the most difficult of obstructions with our downhole machine shop

  • Flapper valve milling
  • Glass plug and bridge plug removal
  • Nipple profile milling
  • Enlargement of buckled tubing
  • Isolation valve milling
  • Ball valve / seat milling


Our Milling Solutions deliver power and precision downhole, removing well components that are malfunctioning or no longer required.

Deployed on e-line, our modular milling tools have proven to be robust and highly effective in removing obstructions with robotic precision. We offer you a downhole machine shop with the ability to operate across many environments including horizontal, deviated and extreme environment wells.

Milling bit for Well Miller for Milling Solutions


A key feature of Welltec’s solutions is the ability to deliver powerful, precise results typically accomplished with much larger equipment.

This is achieved by designing and manufacturing small but powerful equipment that can perform heavy duty interventions with much less equipment, equal strength but with a light touch. When space is limited our e-line milling solutions make complicated operations simple. The benefits count reduced logistics, improved manpower productivity, reduced carbon footprint and increased operational efficiency.


  • Weight-on-bit control
  • Reactive torque stall control
  • Configurable
  • E-line deployed
  • Lightweight
  • Universal
  • Reliable


  • Optimized milling process
  • Prevents tool sticking
  • Broad range of applications
  • Accurate depth control
  • Fast, efficient
  • Runs on all 3rd party systems
  • Demonstrated track record of successes

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Tools & technologies

Well Miller NPR for Milling Solutions


Designed to remove malfunctioning hardware in the well, Welltec can replace large, expensive equipment with an an e-line conveyed alternative that has been working for more than 10 years

The Well Miller for Hardware Milling optimizes the repair of wells with mechanical problems by milling out the faulty hardware with keyhole precision. Hardware milling is performed in combination with our Well Tractor to apply weight-on-bit as necessary and counter the reactive torque.

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Well Miller hardware milling specifications

The Well Miller Nipple Profile Removal (NPR)
Especially developed to increase the ID of a nipple profile, the Well Miller NPR provides increased production and access to the wellbore below for tools with larger diameters. We have also successfully applied the Well Miller NPR to open up pipe or tubulars which have partially collapsed. Our track record speaks of successfully removing nipples of high tensile steel, chrome, and super chrome.

The Well Miller for Plug Removal (PR)
A powerful solution for removing faulty or temporary plugs in the wellbore. Even the hardest materials such as cast iron or composite plugs can easily be milled out with the Well Miller PR.


  • Nipple profile milling
  • Enlargement of buckled tubing
  • Cement plug milling
  • Bridge plug milling
  • Glass plug milling

Well Miller® Expandable bit

The Well Miller® expandable bit for hardware milling provides operators with a better way to repair wells with mechanical obstacles. It can pass through small ID and expand to a larger OD when activated.

The bit will extract if communication is lost to the tool. Using only e-line tools, nipple profiles or other restrictions can be eliminated or increased, plugs can be removed, failed isolation valves can be milled through for production or access to deeper parts of the wellbore. The Well Miller® is run in combination with the Well Tractor® for precise control of weight on bit and to counter reactive torque




  • Nipple profile milling
  • Access through failed isolation valves
  • Cement plug milling
  • Enlargement of buckled tubing
  • Bridge plug removal
  • Glass plug milling
Well Miller VR for Milling Solutions

Well Miller® for Valve Opening (VO)

If valves malfunction the Well Miller VO can help restore production to  the well by milling out a predetermined part of the valve.

When a control line fails or a valve doesn’t open, it affects both production and wellbore access below the valve. A swift solution is therefore always desired. The Well Miller VO is able to quickly and safely restore the flow path.

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The Well Miller Valve Removal (VR)
Flapper valves, half and full-ball valves and isolation valves pose no obstacle for the Well Miller VR. Valves made of high tensile steel, chrome, super chrome, incoloy and inconel are easily removed to establish or even increase production.

The Well Miller Ball Seat Removal (BSR)
The tool has been designed especially for milling out balls and ball seats to increase flow and allow access to lower completions. Through the years we have successfully milled out balls and ball seats made of cast iron and composite materials.


  • Flapper valves
  • Isolation valves
  • Half-ball valves
  • Full-ball valves
  • Balls and ball seats
  • Glass plugs

Track records

World’s first nipple profile removal using 2 1/8 tools took place offshore Norway