Mechanical Services

Mechanical solutions

Well key for mechanical solutions

Our Mechanical Solutions enable operators to optimize production and maximize recovery

  • Setting and pulling plugs
  • Opening and closing valves
  • Shifting sliding sleeves
  • Setting and pulling packers
  • Cutting tubulars
  • Fishing stuck tools


We have designed our Mechanical Solutions to provide safe and efficient well management and maintenance.

Shifting from traditional intervention methods to our e-line mechanical solutions provides multiple advantages like real-time feedback, surgical precision and improved accuracy. At the core is the Well Stroker that can apply up to 100,000 lbs of axial force downhole. This can be fitted with a wide range of shifting tools to handle any mechanical operation.



Our Mechanical Solutions are based on the ability to deliver force with finesse exactly where needed downhole.

Deploying tools on e-line allows for precise depth control. Combined with a reliable, robotic portfolio of tools, Welltec can provide you the ability to reach your problem and rectify it. This accuracy helps reduce the risk of damage to the wellbore, provides safer operations and enables more interventions.


  • No explosives
  • E-line deployed
  • Surface controlled
  • Lightweight
  • Passive fail-safe system
  • Universal
  • Reliable


  • Inherently safer
  • No ‘well-kill’ required
  • Accurate
  • Fast, efficient
  • Prevents tools getting stuck in the well
  • Runs on all 3rd party systems
  • Demonstrated track record of successes

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Tools & technologies


Well Stroker®

This tool is the heart behind most Mechanical Solution jobs. It’s novel design provides tremendous actuating force with pinpoint precision to accomplish the majority of mechanical intervention jobs.


Well Stroker xxs

The Well Stroker can push or pull multiple times in the same run irrespective of the depth and deviation. It delivers up to 100,000 lbs of axial force downhole by the use of a bi-directional hydraulic ram.

Interventions can even be performed when the well is still under pressure, which precludes having to ‘kill’ the well.

The Well Stroker provides the flexibility to be incorporated in a wide range of completion designs for cost- effective workovers and other applications where downhole force is required.

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  • Opening / closing valves
  • Fishing items from the well
  • Opening / closing sliding sleeves
  • Setting / retrieving plugs
  • Replacing gas lift valves
  • Releasing upper / lower completions

Well Cutter®

Efficient, safe drill pipe, liner, tubing and casing recovery operations without the need for explosives.

The Well Cutter uses a rotating head to remove pipe incrementally, which prevents the creation of shavings. Due to the smooth, bevelled surface it produces, a polishing trip with drill pipe may be eliminated for increased operational efficiency.

A key benefit of the Well Cutter is that it eliminates the use of explosives which can pose an operational risk, especially when simultaneous operations are being conducted. The transfer of explosives may also cause complex logistics and significant operational delays, making the Well Cutter an attractive alternative for pipe recovery operations. Conveyed on e-line for accurate depth control, the Well Cutter incorporates a ‘fail-safe’ mechanism that prevents the tool from getting stuck.

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  • Drill pipe cutting
  • Casing cutting
  • Liner cutting

puncher illu

Welltec® Puncher

Efficient, safe drill pipe, liner, tubing and casing recovery operations without the need for explosives.

The Welltec® Puncher provides an efficient, e-line conveyed, non-explosive method for equalizing pressures between tubular strings. Its innovative design quickly creates a large diameter hole in the tubular at the target depth for pipe recovery or completion removal without the use of explosives. Utilizing a fast, drilling technique rather than a blade, the Welltec® Puncher produces a precise, uniform, large area hole. It can be run slick to any depth in the well or equipped with a ‘no-go’ for a hole punch at an exact depth. Multiple holes can be drilled in a single descent and it can be deployed independently or combined with the Well Tractor® for punching in highly deviated or horizontal wells.



  • Casing punching
  • Drill pipe punching
  • Liner punching

Welltec® TorcPlug

The TorcPlug®

Representing the latest in e-line conveyed, barrier technology, the TorcPlug can minimize your costs by reducing uncertainty and increasing efficiency.

The TorcPlug’s unique design allows it to be set more than 20 times in a single trip without damaging the crucial packer element and with no chance of pre-setting. Its rugged design incorporates the Torc Method, enabling the TorcPlug to be mechanically set and released with just the right amount of force being transferred to the plug and tubing.

Qualified to V3 and V0/Q1 barrier requirements set by the ISO 14310 standards, the TorcPlug has been certified by independent 3rd party testing to ensure that it meets the industry’s most challenging environments.


  • Temporary or permanent abandonment
  • Leak detection
  • Release of annular safety valves
  • Integrity testing
  • Zonal isolation for production / stimulation
  • Cross flow identification

Well key for mechanical solutions

Well Key®

Mating onto the Well Stroker, this tool unlocks the potential of your wells by latching onto the sliding sleeves or ICD’s to open or close them as required.

The Well Key brings a high degree of flexibility and reliability to the well completion design as it is designed to shift multiple sliding sleeves in a single run. Running into the hole in a slick configuration, it is opened at depth and automatically engages with the hardware for which it was set-up for. Once engaged, the Well Stroker provides the force to shift the hardware in the required direction.

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Welltec® Setting Tool

Designed to set plugs downhole on e-line by providing up to 55,000 lbs of force without the use of explosives.

The Welltec Setting Tool offers a controlled expansion allowing the elements of the plug to adjust during the process. As no explosives are needed, the tool offers both a safe and time-efficient approach to plug setting. An added benefit is surface read-out to provide real-time unique knowledge of the job.


Welltec Setting Tool for MECHANICAL SOLUTIONS

Track records

Highest amount of compression force experienced during a non-explosive pipe cut: 30,000 lbs offshore UK

Tools applied

  • Well Tractor® 318 XR
  • Well Stroker® 318
  • Welltec Release Device®