Welltec Annular Barrier for Completions solutions

Geothermal applications

We are dedicated to develop and deliver game-changing solutions. Welltec offers high temperature intervention and completion solutions for geothermal projects. All with the ability of maximizing safety, ensuring minimal environmental footprint and cost efficiency, while fast tracking any project from day one.


  • Rugged design
  • Compartmentalization
  • Reduction of geological uncertainty
  • Fast hydraulic expansion under surface control
  • High diametrical expansion ratio
  • High differential pressure rating across full diametrical expansion range
  • Maintains full bore liner or casing diameter
  • Low diametrical profile, minimal running OD
  • Rugged, metallic construction with Norsok compliant seals and NACE compliant material and life-of-well performance
  • Expansion compatible with all well fluids


  • Control aquifers
  • Fluid control for enclosed loop
  • Removes the need (cost and risk) of cement with minimal impact on ECO
  • When in combination with cement, eliminates channels or micro annulus at set depth
  • Enables liner rotation and fluid circulation during deployment (with drill down capability), deployable through milled window
  • No waiting on swell time and no risk of premature setting during deployment
  • Hydraulic expansion allows conformity within oval or washed-out holes
  • High anchoring capability and no impact on casing tensile, torque specifications
  • Can accommodate multiple feedthroughs for hydraulic, electric or fiber control lines
  • Sealing verification when deployed with the Welltec Data Monitoring (WDM)


The WAB® can withstand temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius (572°F), and ensures fully optimized control of present and future needs for expansion, reduction and control of aquifers you can read more about the WAB® and our other completion products here.

The WAB has ultra-high temperature capability, it is rated to 300 degrees C for a specific geothermal application, but 300 degree C is not the limitation of the product.

This product utilizes all metal sealing envelope.

Welltec Annular Barrier for Completions solutions