Completions Solutions

Completions Solutions

Welltec Annular Barrier Completions solutions

Boost your IRR while reducing complexity, fast-tracking production and increasing recovery with the Flex-Well®

  • Faster, safer installation
  • Earlier production
  • Reduced well construction costs
  • Increased total recovery
  • Safer, faster production optimization
  • Easier plug and abandonment


The Flex-Well® completion concept builds around a single skin well design while also compartmentalizing the reservoir.

Our Well Completion Solutions are built to provide operators the flexibility to design and run the optimal completion for their reservoirs. Our annular barriers are affixed to a large, full bore completion liner and used to divide the reservoir into the appropriate compartments to allow full production of hydrocarbons over the life of the well.

Case: World’s first annular barrier installed in a subsea, deepwater well without the use of cement

Welltec Annular Barrier for Completions solutions
Welltec Annular Barrier for Completions solutions


Today’s extended reach, maximum reservoir contact wells require novel well barriers for maximum production and reservoir drainage. Our Completion Solutions are focused on solving that challenge with life of well technology to meet operators’ current and future drilling, deployment and production challenges.

Designed and constructed to the highest standards, the unique Welltec® Annular Barrier has been qualified up to 572 F (300 C), can be rotated while installing the liner, won’t expand prematurely, holds a high delta P across a large expansion range and can be run in any well fluid or environment. Rugged yet simple, it’s a smart, reliable choice for an annular barrier. The WAB is also suitable for geothermal applications.


  • Solid liner functionality
  • Fullbore construction
  • Single skin design
  • Compartmentalization
  • No control lines
  • No swellables
  • Cementless completions


  • Faster, safer deployment
  • Maximum production rate capacity
  • Ability to reach the reservoir
  • Control production over time
  • Faster, simpler well construction
  • Faster initial production, less risk
  • Reduced skin, higher production

Flex-Well® Applications

Welltec Annular Barrier for COMPLETIONS SOLUTIONS


Today’s extended reach wells can pose cementing challenges to operators including channelling, micro annulus and degradation over time. Our rugged, all metal, surface controlled expandable barrier provides a solution to these issues.

The Welltec® Annular Barrier for cement assurance is an annular barrier which can be used to prevent annular flow between casings or between casing and open hole. Inflated into green cement, it prevents the occurrence of micro annulus and is not weakened by thermal or expansion stresses over time. This enables longer extended reach wells to be drilled where cementing is a challenge.


To fully capitalize on the completion, absolute control of the well is required. Our approach to this is discrete compartmentalization of the reservoir section.

The Welltec® Annular Barrier for zonal isolation between the lower completion and the open hole enables the compartmentalization of the reservoir into many, discrete sections. Whether an injector or producer, this gives the operator full control of the reservoir, mitigating reservoir uncertainties and providing maximum purpose and value of the well.

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Welltec Annular Barrier for Completions solutions
Welltec Annular Barrier for COMPLETIONS SOLUTIONS


Sufficient access to the formation is of primary importance in a lower completion. Controlling the volume and extent to which fluids contact or flow from the reservoir must be optimized for maximum reservoir drainage or pressure support.

The Welltec® Flow Valves are designed with these parameters in mind. From fully open to fully closed or with variable choke settings, from high volume injection or stimulation valves to production valves with sand screens, Welltec® can supply the required hardware to ensure optimization of the completion. High torque connections ensure today’s extended reach wells are landed successfully and all of our valves are optimized to be operated with our e-line conveyed Mechanical Solutions capabilities for World Class reliability.

Data monitoring

Welltec® Data Monitoring (WDM™) sensor packages open up the capability to measure annular pressures and temperatures over time.

Installed standalone or in combination with the Welltec® Annular Barriers, these compact sensor packages provide the industry a novel means of obtaining valuable, time-lapse data about the completion and well construction without the limitations and costs imposed by control lines.

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The WDM’s are in constant data acquisition mode, recording high resolution pressure and temperature, beginning with installation on the rig floor. When desired, they are downloaded via wireless receivers in pass-by, e-line tools which can be incorporated into any standard e-line operation; ie. cement bond evaluation, production logging, caliper run, plug/packer setting, ICD adjustment.

Welltec Annular Barrier for Completions solutions

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ISO certified

Qualified to ISO14310 V3 and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 the WAB is designed to deliver outstanding performance across a wide range of operating conditions.

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Welltec Annular Barrier for Completions solutions

Track records

First application of WABs used to create eight compartments for zonal isolation in a cementless completion

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