Clean-out Solutions

Clean-out solutions

Well Cleaner for Clean-out solutions

Our clean-out solutions ensure access into new wells and optimized production from old wells

  • Removing sand and debris
  • Cleaning SSSV seats
  • Clearing obstructions
  • Eliminating scale deposits
  • Accessing isolation valves
  • Scraping away cement stringers


With our Clean-out Solutions we can remove the unwanted byproducts associated with oil and gas production such as sand, scale, mud etc.

To keep production optimized, periodic interventions should be performed to remove this debris. Running on e-line, our modular clean-out tools have proven to be highly effective in maintaining and restoring production across diverse environments including horizontal wells.

Well Cleaner for Clean-out solutions
Well Cleaner for Clean-out solutions


An important feature of Welltec’s solutions is the ability to deliver big results from a small, nimble footprint.

This is accomplished by designing, manufacturing and deploying small but powerful e-line equipment which can perform workover interventions. When space is limited or time is a consideration our Clean-out Solutions make operations simple. The benefits include reduced logistics, reduced headcount, reduced carbon footprint and increased operational efficiency.


  • Powerful suction
  • Variable nozzle designs
  • E-line deployed
  • Configurable
  • Integrated bailers
  • Bits, brushes and suction
  • Universal


  • Large, efficient capture
  • Optimized recovery
  • No extra fluids introduced
  • Efficient performance
  • Nothing left in the well
  • Removes wide range of debris & scale
  • Runs on all 3rd party systems

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Tools & technologies

Well Cleaner for Clean-out solutions


This is the ideal choice for removal of loose debris in the well. Using high-rate fluid circulation, the Well Cleaner PST agitates the debris and captures it in bailers within the tool.

We offer a number of versions so we can address any kind of debris or environment.

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Well Cleaner® PST specifications

Well Cleaner PST High Flow (HF)
With the Well Cleaner PST HF you get maximum flow velocity output from the tool. The benefits of this are the longest bailer length and as a result the highest debris recovery per trip.

Well Cleaner PST High Vacuum (HV)
Maximizes the drawdown force thereby increasing the ability to recover heavier pieces of debris.

Well Cleaner PST Large Drawdown (LD)
An effective combination of the HV and HF versions. It is optimized to recover the largest payload over a wide range of debris sizes and types.

Well Cleaner PST
Runs independently in vertical wells or with the Well Tractor to provide clean-out solutions in horizontal and extended reach wells.

Removal of

  •  Sand
  •  Silt
  •  Debris
  •  Proppant
  •  Mud
  •  Barite

Well Cleaner® with Rotating Heads

Designed specifically to remove deposits left on the walls or completion components in the well.

Over time, these often lead to decreased production or malfunctioning hardware. The Well Cleaner’s different rotating heads remove these deposits to restore full functionality and production.

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Well Cleaner for Clean-out solutions

Removal of

  • Wax
  • Shale
  • Paraffin
  • Scale
  • Mud solids
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Hydrates
  • Cement
  • Clay

Well Cleaner Wishbone Honer (WBH)
Designed to clean deposits from tubular walls over intervals where the internal diameter changes, such as mandrels and profiles.

Well Cleaner Safety Valve Brush (SVB)
Built to remove scale and debris build-up on subsurface safety valves, restoring the ability to maintain pressure integrity.

Well Cleaner Dry Environment (DE)
Designed specifically for cleaning in dry environments. The auger at the tip loosens the debris and transports it into the bailer sections of the tool.

Well Cleaner
With rotating heads is run in combination with the Well Tractor
to apply weight-on-bit as necessary.

Well Cleaner® Reverse Circulating Bit tool (RCB)

The RCB integrates a rotary bit with a suction system to provide the combined benefits of both in one powerful tool.

This design breaks through hard packed debris and recovers the generated cuttings with suction into the integrated bailers. In one run you can crush mineral deposits like cement and remove them from the well to prevent further associated problems.

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Well Cleaner RCB for Clean-out solutions
Well Cleaner DJT

Well Cleaner® Downhole Jetting Tool (DJT)

The Well Cleaner® Downhole Jetting tool (DJT) is an efficient, e-line conveyed, surface controlled method for jetting fluid downhole.

The Well Cleaner® DJT can quickly create a large diameter hole in hydrate or wax plugs. Carrying fluids downhole, it can potentially remove scale bridges using organic acids. Alternatively, it can also be used as a fluid sampling tool and in conjunction with a Well Tractor® it can operate in horizontal or highly deviated wells.

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Well Miller® for Scale Removal

Certain types of scales require a different type of approach, one more akin to milling than cleaning.

The Well Miller for scale removal transforms the power of the Well Miller into a clean-out application for those scale deposits which can’t be removed effectively with standard clean-out tools. A variety of bits can be applied with varying degrees of aggression. Full bore, core bore or wire bits can be applied for effective removal of stubborn scales.

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Well Miller VR for Milling Solutions

Track records

World’s first hydrate milling on e-line offshore UK removed 173 ft of hydrates

Tools applied

  • Well Cleaner® WBH 318
  • Well Tractor® XR 318