Well intervention

Solutions and services


    Conveyance Solutions

    Extend your reach in highly deviated wells with e-line, CT or slickline Well Tractors
  • Well key for mechanical solutions

    Mechanical Services

    Perform workovers using e-line to optimize production and maximize recovery
  • Well Cleaner for Clean-out solutions

    Clean-out Solutions

    Ensure access into new wells and improve production from existing wells

    Milling Solutions

    Remove the most difficult obstructions with a downhole machine shop
  • Welltec Annular Barrier Completions solutions

    Completions Solutions

    Eliminate complexity while increasing prodution and recovery using the Flex-Well

    RLWI Solutions

    Enable RLWI interventions with our downhole, e-line solution portfolios
  • Welltec Hardware Scanner for DIAGNOSTICS


    Increase awareness and efficiency with new tools to visualize your wells
  • Welltec e-line Fishing Services

    Fishing Services

    Retrieve objects and regain full access to your well; quickly, safely and precisely

The way we work

The core of our philosophy is to challenge, pursue and develop the optimal solutions based on your needs and our expertise


Completion & Well Intervention

We develop and deliver solutions which enable our clients to optimize their oil and gas production and increase reservoir drainage. This is accomplished in two ways; a completion philosophy focused on minimizing reservoir uncertainty and maximizing production from new wells and a well intervention portfolio dedicated to reliable yet novel approaches to overcoming well challenges in existing wells.

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At Welltec, we believe it’s possible to improve the way the industry operates by offering a change in mindset, a change in technology. For decades we have pursued and delivered innovative, well intervention solutions, achieving widespread growth.

Our customers have increased their recovery rates using a fraction of the time and energy of conventional methods. Their cash flows have been improved by extended revenue streams coupled with significantly lower costs. And they have exploited the full value of their reservoirs at a much lower level of invested capital, with fast track fields developed and maintained from fewer leases or topside locations.

Well Intervention specialists

With our broad portfolio of well intervention tools, we provide you with new, innovative solutions and the best possible service delivery. Our expertise spans two decades, where we continually have helped oil and gas operators increase their production and recovery. With lightweight, intervention solutions operators achieve higher recovery over the life of the well and promote a more stable cash flow.

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We have pioneered lightweight, well intervention technology that can perform the same work as much larger, more complex methods. Using smaller, more elegant equipment and techniques we provide our clients precise, accurate solutions with robotic equipment.

For operators, this approach results in fewer people and less equipment required at the wellsite than conventional practices. A smaller, simpler method taken to extraordinary levels results in inherently safer operations with significantly lower costs, complexity and carbon footprints.


Case story

Removing carbonate scale to ensure wellbore access in Yemen.


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Track records

Longest cumulative distance tractored on one job is
a respectable 423,723 ft achieved offshore Norway with the Well Tractor® NG