Reservoir optimization - 1920X1080 (1)
Reservoir optimization - 1920X1080 (1)

Reservoir optimization

The open hole Flex-Well® design provides options for efficient long-term reservoir management and risk mitigation

Reservoir management

Oil and gas reservoirs with a high degree of rock heterogeneity created through complex depositional environments, diagenetic or structural overprint, demand well completion solutions enabling response to changing reservoir conditions over the life of well to maintain maximum well delivery.

Maximized reservoir contact

The open hole Flex-Well® design provides maximized reservoir contact with cement-less full bore liner, efficient zone isolation by WAB's or WLP's and the number of zones being dictated by the geology of the reservoir and not by hardware capability (e.g. control lines, inner string, extended reach etc.) 

The WFVTM with Multi Position provides the operator with the option of varying the differential pressure across the rock interface of each zone to balance out the difference in reservoir permeability. The Flex-Well will not only balance out heel toe effects but also control expected (or unexpected) permeability variance, along with water or gas breakthrough. 

Quantification of reservoir management

In specific projects flow modelling is used in the 3D design configuration of the WFV to ensure the benefits of zonal control.

In order to achieve a greater modelling capacity, Welltec® has engaged with the consultancy practice Vysus Group (previous Lloyd’s Register). This collaboration provides Welltec with independent simulations using best-in-class industry modelling software and brings global experience involving similar well challenges.

This enables Welltec to support a solution-based approach with optimized well performance for the customer in mind.

Well performance benefits can be quantified through well flow modelling capturing the 3D design of the well completion and interaction with the reservoir. With this simulation we can estimate:

  • Well capacity
  • Pressure loss through well
  • Risk of flow behind packers
  • Optimum flow valve configuration
  • Stimulation efficiency
  • Erosion risk
  • Correlation between flow valve choke position / annular pressures / zonal flow rates.

Horizontal multi-zone Flex-Well completion

Below is an example of a horizontal multi-zone Flex-Well completion designed for water management across matrix and oil producing fault zones with large permeability contrast. Eight annular sealing packers are ensuring long-term zonal isolation between the varying permeability zones with seven Welltec Flow Valves (WFV with Multi Position) are providing the operator with risk mitigation options.

This solution enables initial maximum production to be targeted from the main fractures, once the water is out they can be choked back or shut off, with the secondary fracture system produced. Finally, as production dictates, the matrix can be stimulated and produced.

WAB - Welltec Annular Barrier 960 X 1080

Zonal Isolation

Segmented Flex-Well® design increase options to mitigate reservoir uncertainty and maximize the economic value of wells. 

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WFV - DP (Welltec Flow Valve with Dual Position)

Zonal Control

Welltec® Flow Valves (WFVTM) enabling changing reservoir conditions over the life of well to maintain maximum well delivery.

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