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Vision and technology that improves returns and reduces risks, protecting assets and people is always valued. And with the sudden decline in oil prices, operating companies are under even more pressure to find these in order to reduce their cost basis; the industry needs to change the way it operates, fast. Fortunately, solutions exist that have widespread application for generating higher returns.

Now is the time.

Our clients increase recovery rates using a fraction of the time and energy of conventional methods. Their cash flows are improved by faster, extended revenue streams and significantly lower costs. And they can exploit the full value of their reservoirs at a much lower level of invested capital, with fast track fields developed and maintained from fewer topside locations.

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The low oil price environment requires lower operational costs in order to maintain positive cash flow. The alternative is shutting in your production. We can reduce the resources required to complete workovers on existing wells, restoring production with greatly reduced costs versus conventional methods.

Robotic, intervention technology can accomplish the same work as a much larger rig but with a fraction of the people, transportation and set-up times, number of lifts and overall complexity. The result is significantly reduced cost, carbon footprint and overall risk to your people and your assets.

We can save you millions of dollars with two men, a helicopter and a 16 ft tool


Fast track and build wells which produce more, drain larger areas and won’t require interventions for years to come. The higher production and drainage per well enables you to reduce the number of platforms or pad sites required, significantly reducing overall CAPEX.

Unique technology and completion designs simplify well construction without sacrificing any of the features. Less casing and hardware, with little or no cement, enables smaller, more efficient rigs. The fullbore design and complete reservoir control overcome the challenges presented by reservoir uncertainty, now and in the future.

Triple your rates of return


Make more money  by decreasing the cost basis required to produce. Our work in the North Sea has repeatedly proven that interventions can be accomplished to restore, maintain or improve production. This results in better cash flow in the short term but also an overall increase in total recovery which maximizes ROI.

By changing strategy from a ‘fix it when it breaks’ perspective to a ‘systematic, planned intervention’ approach, one of our clients has realized an estimated $30 billion value creation. Achieved by increased operational efficiency, minimized losses and overall optimized production through an extended reservoir life.