- Coiled Tubing Well Tractor Hero -
- Coiled Tubing Well Tractor Hero -

Coiled Tubing Well Tractor®

Extend your reach with the CT Well Tractor


The original Well Tractor was in fact a version designed to run on Coiled Tubing. Harnessing the fluids pumped from surface it is an essential tool for overcoming helical buckling or washouts, pulling the coiled tubing deeper into the wellbore.

It is compatible with certain downhole tools allowing operators to pass coil and tools through small restrictions as well as operate in large diameter boreholes. Extend your reach with the CT Well Tractor.

Coiled Tubing Well Tractor - 360

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Dharan, Saudi Arabia a number of extended reach, open hole completion wells have been drilled throughout the region including the Manifa field. Coiled tubing (CT) is...

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This Tractor is a fluid-driven conveyance solution designed to extend the lateral reach of coiled tubing in horizontal, deviated and extended wells.

The Well Tractor CT overcomes well-known CT issues such as excessive friction, limited reach and buckling. In tandem configurations the CT Well Tractor can apply up to 7,000 lbs of force. This enables access to extreme, extended reach wellbores as well as past wash-outs in open hole sections.

Well Tractor Hori


  • Stimulations
  • Clean-out solutions
  • Perforating
  • Milling solutions
  • Mechanical solutions
  • Spotting pills
  • Fishing
  • Washing / displacing
  • Fracturing


  • Passive fail-safe system
  • Modular
  • Surface read-out compatible
  • Logging while tractoring
  • Universal through wiring
  • NACE compliant


  • Overcome buckling
  • Prevents stuck tools
  • Configurable
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Optimal data acquisition
  • OH or CH application


Tool OD 2 1/2"
Length 14.5 ft
Weight in air 370 lbs
OH / Completion ID range 2.6" - 10.1"
Tandem force configuration 6,000 lbs @ 0.8 bbl/min
Maximum flow rate 1.7 bbl/min
Maximum well pressure 25,000 psi
Maximum well temperature 400°F
Tensile strength 37,000 lbs
Compressive strength 44,000 lbs
* Dependent upon configuration