- Well Cleaner Dry Environment hero
- Well Cleaner Dry Environment hero

Well Cleaner®

Dry environment


The Well Cleaner Dry Environment (DE) is designed specifically for cleaning in dry environments.

The auger at the tip loosens the debris and transports it into the bailer sections of the tool.

The Well Cleaner DE is run in combination with the Well Tractor® to apply weight-on-bit as necessary and to counter reactive torque.

Well Cleaner Dry Environment 360

Case highlight

A horizontal SAGD well with wire wrapped screen configuration experienced a production decline. There were well-known sand problems in the well...

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  • Removal of deposits or debris
  • Cleaning SSSV seats
  • Clearing obstructions
  • Accessing isolation valves


  • Passive fail-safe system
  • Modular
  • Surface read-out
  • Variable heads based on objective
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Universal
  • NACE compliant


  • No additional fluids required
  • Removes a wide range of debris
  • Recovers debris from the well
  • Large range of ID’s accessible
  • Accurate depth control
  • Operates on any e-line via DC

Specification range*

Tool OD 2 1/2'' 3 1/2''
Length 22 ft 28 ft
Weight in air 195 lbs 307 lbs
Completion ID range 2.5" 9”
Available bailer sizes 2.5” 3.5”
Volume / bailer 1.06 gals 2.1 gals
Max. well pressure 20,000 psi 25,000 psi
Tensile strength 24,000 lbs 38,000 lbs
Compressive strength 30,000 lbs 50,000 lbs
Max. well temperature 302°F
* Dependent upon configuration