WLP (Welltec Light Packer) hero
WLP (Welltec Light Packer) hero

WLP - Welltec® Light Packer

For Well Construction


The WLP (Welltec Light Packer) is our tiered offering to the zonal isolation and well construction & integrity markets, developed specifically for less hazardous environments & lower tertiary markets, that have historically incorporated legacy swellable technology as a means for isolation.

The WLP provides a number of the benefits of our flagship WAB® (Welltec Annular Barrier), but incorporates design & construction efficiencies that facilitates a CAPEX effective technology for marginal applications.

Case highlight

An operator in the DJ Basin in Colorado was experiencing sustained casing pressure (SCP) on approximately 30% of wells...

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The Welltec Light Packer is a surface controlled, metal hydraulic expandable packer. It is mounted onto full bore liner/tubing/casing sealing off the annulus within a cased hole as well as open hole environment and forms part of the Flex-Well lower completion solution.

The WLP range offers a tiered version of the WAB (Welltec Annular Barrier) for the less demanding environments, delivering cost-effective performance across a range of operating conditions.
The WLP is more compact in sleeve length, therefore reducing overall sealing length and utilizes an optimized standard sleeve material, whilst providing consistency in open hole / cased hole seal design from the flagship WAB.
The WLP is a high grade, robust alternative to swellable technology for zonal isolation & cement assurance.

WLP for Zonal Isolation (Welltec Light Packer) hori


  • Effective cement assurance
  • Second stage cement support


  • Rugged, all welded, metallic construction
  • High expansion capability
  • Constant ∆p over full expansion range
  • No premature expansion


  • Workable during deployment assisting casing to TD
  • Slim OD allows for high rate circulation during deployment
  • High rate circulation capability
  • Rapid Set nature of WLP reduces time to next hole section
  • Full bore – as per casing / tubing


Expansion range 3.75" 15.00”
Min. running OD 3.50” 11.62”
Max. internal pressure 4,500 psi 8,000 psi
Constant element ΔP across expansion range 1,500 psi 3,000 psi
Base pipe range 2-7/8” 9-5/8”
Standard element length 1.3 ft
Max. temperature 320°F
ISO14310 Standard V6
ID Full bore (as per base pipe)