Welltec Pressure Temperature Toom (WPT)
Welltec Pressure Temperature Toom (WPT)

Welltec® Pressure and Temperature Tool (WPT)

Measurements in real time


The Welltec Pressure and Temperature Tool (WPT) provides high quality data about the well primary information and status.

Our measurements add value to the operation by assisting in the diagnosis of the problem and confirming its been solved.

Designed and built to offer operators increased awareness and efficiency, our short, slick diagnostic tools provide real time data which can be used to understand the problem and confirm that it’s been rectified. 

Case highlight

An operator in South Eastern Saskatchewan was looking for methods to optimize their completion procedures. They were running 4½ cemented liners with ~25 frac...

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The Welltec Pressure Temperature Tool is an essential, add-on tool which provides crucial, high resolution well measurements in real time, back to surface.

The rugged design allows it to be run in a wide range of operating environments in combination with Welltec or 3rd party tools. The sensors are exposed to well fluid, providing rapid and accurate measurements of pressure and temperature, allowing the field engineer to determine the state of the wellbore and on-going operations downhole.

Welltec Pressure Temperature Toom (WPT) hori (1)


  • Open hole or cased hole
  • Production logging
  • Opening / closing SSSD’s
  • Pulling plugs or packers
  • Leak detection
  • Top of cement measurement
  • Injection monitoring


  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Surface read-out
  • Sensitive instrumentation
  • Universal through wiring
  • NACE compliant
  • Operates on e-line using DC


  • Understanding hole conditions
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced rig-up height
  • Wide range of applications


Tool OD 2 1/8”
Length 2.4 ft
Weight in air 23 lbs
Max. well pressure 15,000 psi
Max. well temperature 302°F
Tensile strength 24,000 lbs
Compressive strength 30,000 lbs
Pressure range 15 to 15,000 psi w 0.008 psi resolution
Temperature range 0° to 302°F w 0.018° resolution
* Dependent upon configuration