Welltec Fluid Imager (WFI) Hero
Welltec Fluid Imager (WFI) Hero

Welltec® Fluid Imager (WFI)

For measuring water holdup


We live and operate in a 4-D world, and so should our data. Visualization capabilities have advanced significantly over the years and with good reason. They provide a means of absorbing information intuitively, breaking down knowledge barriers that were previously limited by words.

Welltec has been developing own diagnostic sensors since 2005. Today we have a range of logging tools and own suite of well diagnostics tools, including the Welltec Fluid Imager (WFI).  

Welltec’s outset is coming from the intervention side – our diagnostics tools aim at improving real-time decision making, increasing understanding of the down-hole environment and adding value to our intervention services.


The Welltec Fluid Imager (WFI) is a part of the Welltec diagnostic tools family. It measures water holdup and estimates the distribution of permittivity / dielectric constant in a well cross-section.

The WFI has full annular coverage of the holdup using a uniformly distributed, multi sensor package. It produces a tomogram, cross-sectional image, of the hold-up fraction at any given cross-section.
The WFI can be deployed independently or combined with the Well Tractor® for deployment within deviated or horizontal wells.

Welltec Fluid Imager (WFI) hori


  • Measure water hold up realtime


  • Multisensor package
  • Quantify true holdup
  • Through-wired
  • Full annular coverage


  • Operates on any e-line via DC
  • Welltec SRO
  • Combinable


Tool OD 2 1/8”
Length 1.6 ft
Weight in air 9,6 lbs
Water holdup resolution 10 %
Water holdup range 0 – 85 %
Max. well pressure 5,000 psi
Max. well temperature 257°F
Tensile strength 53,000 lbs
Compressive strength 53,000 lbs
* Dependent upon configuration