World’s First thru-tubing ESP swap on e-line

An operator was experiencing ESP failures and needed to retrieve and replace the pumps from two highly deviated wells located on a remote offshore island with limited CT unit availability. Welltec’s lightweight, highly mobile e-line technology was the preferred solution for the job, due to its nimble, reliable and cost-efficient nature.

The first step of the operation was to ensure that debris would not cause difficulties, thus a Well Cleaner Power Suction Tool (PST) was run in the hole. Then a tool-string consisting of a Well Tractor, Well Stroker, Welltec Release Device and a GS pulling tool was run to the gravity hold-up depth. Here the Well Tractor was activated and conveyed the toolstring to the depth of the ESP, where the tubing stop and pump were retrieved.

A new toolstring was mobilized consisting of the Well Tractor, Well Stroker and Welltec Release Device with a fishing tool overshot to fish the pump eye insert. The Well Tractor conveyed the fishing tool onto the pump eye insert, while the Well Stroker applied the required force to ensure the fish was latched and to pull the pump eye insert free. When all parts of the ESP were removed, a new ESP was successfully installed.

Integrating the lessons learned, Welltec was able to successfully complete the second job with twice the efficiency, further increasing the value provided. Over 100,000 ft (30,500 m) were tractored on this world’s first operation that has once again expanded the limits of what can be done with e-line interventions.

Welltec’s ability to think outside the box enabled the operator to complete the operation without a rig or CT, resulting in considerable time savings and the well was returned to production significantly faster than with traditional methods.