World’s First RLWI Crown Plug Pulling with Well Stroker

Adding to the realm of e-line intervention accomplishments done as riserless, light well interventions (RLWI), Welltec has now accomplished the removal of a stuck crown plug with the Well Stroker. This capability provides a huge potential advantage for operators to benefit from RLWI operations versus conventional rigs.

This world’s first operation was performed in the Gulf of Mexico where the upper crown plug had gotten stuck in a subsea well. After two days of slickline jarring attempts the plug would not come free. The Well Stroker was then implemented due to its ability to apply a focused force of up to 60,000 lbs where needed downhole through the use of a bi-directional, hydraulic ram. Once the anchors of the tool had set in the pre-determined location, the Well Stroker applied the required upward force to pull the plug whereupon the entire assembly was effectively retrieved to surface.

This successful operation allowed the remaining well intervention to continue without further non-productive time (NPT). The alternative to the Well Stroker contingency would have been to bring in a workover rig with riser capability, which would have increased the operational costs significantly; however, using Welltec’s e-line solution facilitated the continuation of the RLWI operation with much lower daily costs.

The Well Stroker can be fitted with the Well Key for further mechanical services and combined with a number of other e-line intervention tools. Together they offer a perfect solution for contingency planning on RLWI operations.

You can read more about this operation here (opens as a PDF).