World’s First Hydrate Milling from RLWI Vessel

Building on an innovative reputation, Welltec has performed another unique, world’s first operation; milling and removal of a hydrate plug using wireline in open water (Riserless) off a Light Well Intervention vessel (RLWI).

In offshore UK, during start-up of an injection well, it was impossible to begin injection.

When the primary solution was not able to achieve any visible results after three days of attempts, Welltec rigged up a solution to be carried out from a RLWI vessel. The Well Tractor and Well Cleaner RCB successfully removed 173 ft (53 m) of hydrates from the well in less than 20 hours of actual milling time. At that time a well path had been established down to 1,997 ft (608 m) of depth, which enabled the client to re-establish functionality to the downhole safety valve.

This was the world’s first milling of hydrate on e-line, proving yet another application of Welltec’s unique milling and cleaning solutions. This capability has widespread application for operators around the world as a remedial approach for this complex problem.

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