‘World’s first’ cases well received at ICoTA Stavanger

Welltec presented two out of the 11 presentations at the 8th ICoTA Stavanger meeting. Both presentations concerned RLWI operations performed from the Island Constructor in the North Sea, demonstrating our continued success in delivering ‘heavy’ interventions with e-line.

The first of the two presentations concerned a recent clean-out job in which we successfully removed hydrates from a water injection well. When pipe pulse pressure yielded no results, the operator chose Welltec to remediate the problem, as our Well Cleaner RCB was less likely to generate rapid gas release from the hydrate than alternative solutions. The hydrate was present below the subsea tree, but the length was unknown. In less than 20 hours of actual milling time, 173 ft (52 m) of hydrates were removed to a depth that allowed the operator to re-establish functionality to the downhole safety valve. You can read the full case story here.

The second presentation concerned milling through a deep set bridge plug bullnose in a highly deviated well in order to reestablish production from the lower reservoir formation. The plan was to pull the bridge plug to gain access to the screen sections; however due to a restricted ID in the liner, the plug could neither be released nor retrieved. Hence, milling was the only option. Welltec delivered a tailored solution designed to penetrate through the entire bridge plug, and proceeded to mill through the plug’s bullnose without complications. You can read the full case story here.