Welltec Wins the ICoTA Intervention Technology Award

For the second, consecutive year Welltec was recognized as the winner of the Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) Intervention Technology Award. This prestigious award is given to companies that have developed new, innovative technology which provides value to the industry.

The Welltec Lateral Intervention Tool (WLIT), developed in partnership with Saudi Aramco, was the winner this year based on its merits; a new product which aids in reducing risk, helping to increase production, improves safety and minimizes environmental impact.

The WLIT is designed to overcome one of the severe limitations facing the industry today which is the ability to re-enter sidetracks consistently and effectively. What is unique about the WLIT is that it facilitates access to lateral sections by electronically detecting the casing window, determining its orientation, shifting a steerable joint and thereby directing the toolstring or coiled tubing into the lateral.

This controlled access subsequently enables operators to gain information about the reservoir where it was previously not possible. And the toolstring can convey not only itself into the lateral but also 3rd party, mono conductor e-line tools. This opens up the possibility of PLT’s, cement bonds, well integrity, even some open hole logging tools to gain the required information.

In turn, this can lead to increased production by managing the individual laterals, increasing overall reservoir knowledge and gaining the confidence to drill more wells or laterals for improved reservoir and field management.

The WLIT is designed to illuminate the reservoir by increasing access and subsequently knowledge so that the operator can optimize production over the life of the field.