Welltec wins DIRA price

Welltec® wins automation manufacturing prize

DIRA, Danish Robotic Network, has chosen Welltec® as this year’s winner of the award from a field of 34 nominees, beating out strong competitors including Carlsberg and Haarslev Industries

“The panel chose Welltec as this year’s recipient of the automation prize based upon Welltec’s convincing and solid demonstration that automated production in Denmark is certainly competitive. Welltec has put a lot of effort into the objective of having as much automation as possible within a short period. The implementation has been extensive and achieved a surprisingly short period of payback time, less than 6 months. At the same time, the company and its employees have been through a maturation process towards a high degree of automation. The panel believes that many Danish companies can find inspiration in Welltec’s example!”

Production on the way back to Denmark!
In 2015 Denmark installed a record high number of robots, a clear sign that Danish companies are increasingly opting to maintain and develop high-tech production in Denmark. It is an apparent trend that is recognized in the many diverse solutions that are submitted for the DIRA Automation Award.

DIRA, Danish Robotic Network, has the objective to introduce robots and other automation in order to increase productivity and improve the competitiveness of Danish companies. To increase the knowledge of the successful implementation, the DIRA Automation Award is awarded to a company that has established or maintained production in Denmark through the development and automation based on robotic technology in a pioneering manner that allows new processes or new products. The assessment also includes improvement of working environment, quality, delivery capability, sales and productivity.


Read the press release from DIRA here (in Danish)