Welltec presentations well received at ATCE 2013

Last week Welltec had the pleasure of sharing two exciting papers with the audience at the ATCE in New Orleans. The first paper describes the field trial of our new Completion Solution, the Well Annular Barrier, and its origins. The second paper presented a world’s first operation that set a new water depth record for RLWI as well as milled asphaltenes on e-line for the first time.

16 WABs were deployed for Zonal Isolation in a horizontal section of a completion in the North Sea. Within 30 minutes all WABs were fully expanded, effectively sealing off 8 individual zones, enabling the acid stimulation job to take place. To read more about the WAB™ please download the Completions Brochure or read the full case story High pressure cementless zonal acid stimulation.

Anadarko was experiencing problems with a subsea well in the Gulf of Mexico. The well conditions were unknown and a gauge run had indicated a blockage. The Well Cleaner RCB was selected to attempt to mill through this unknown blockage. The toolstring became stuck but was worked free and at surface it was discovered that the milling bit and bailer sections were filled with asphaltenes – a substance that had not been anticipated in this well. To learn more about our RLWI capabilities, please visit our website, or download the full case story Retrieving asphaltenes, RLWI water depth record.

Welltec would like to thank all guests who stopped by for a chat, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.