Welltec Intervention at ICoTA

Welltec had an exceptional showing at this year’s ICoTA in the Woodlands with contributions that clearly demonstrate our value proposition and capabilities within e-line solutions.

2012 Award Finalist
Leading up to the show we were proud to see the new Welltec Dual KOT being selected as a finalist for the 6th ICoTA Intervention Technology Award. This is a prestigious award for which Welltec has been nominated four of the past six years.

The Welltec Dual KOT is a robotic intervention tool assembly that provides unparalleled capabilities for operators to improve production, save time and money as well as optimize their gas lift designs by being able to retrieve and install GLV’s in a single trip deeper into a highly deviated or horizontal well.

SPE Short Course on Tractors
Brian Schwanitz of Welltec and ICoTA Sr. Co-Chair taught the first ever SPE Short Course involving tractors entitled “Tractor Technologies for Well Interventions”. This lecture on cleaning and milling was facilitated by Alex Crabtree of Hess who opened with a presentation and content on how tractors have come of age and should be considered as a first option for well intervention.

Technical Content
Welltec was the technology behind three, client presentations of SPE papers that received interest from both operators and other service providers. Topics varied from milling to cleaning and the aforementioned gas lift valve operation:
SPE 154404: Milling of an Electric-Line Obstruction with Electric Line Conveyed Technology by Bruce McIninch, Mickey Mullin (Marathon) and Almir Dulic (Welltec).
SPE 154411: Rigless Debris Removal from a Subsea Safety Valve With a Wishbone Honer Brush on Electric Line by Rogelio Higa (PEMEX) and Percy Saavedra (Welltec).
SPE 154417: High-Angle Gas Lift Valve Removal and Replacement in a Single Run by Hayes Chow, Daniel Herrmann, John Condio (ConocoPhillips), Jeremy Albright, Leighton Burley and James Greenlee (Welltec).

The ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference takes place every year in the Woodlands. It is one of the global E&P industry’s foremost venues for the latest intervention technologies, electric line, slickline, hydraulic workover and coiled tubing used in the well servicing industry.